One Stop Systems Introducing Rugged 4U All-Flash Array

Starts at $25,000, up to 200TB of usable PCIe NVMe flash.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.03.02

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One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS) introduces its all-flash array storage unit.

storage unit is available in both a rugged version and commercial version. The rugged version as deployed in a military aircraft is an all-flash array capable of supplying 200TB of usable PCIe NVMe flash and a DOD approved flash file system that has been a part of numerous government programs.

The storage unit is deployed in broadcast trucks, ground stations and surveillance aircraft with leading edge COTS products packaged in MIL-STD SWaP optimized form factors such as 50TB in a 7lb data canister. This 4U rugged, lightweight all-flash array operates as bulk storage, network storage and an high-speed data recorder with all of the features required for defense applications such as data integrity, bulk hot swap of multiple SSDs with one latch, 'Follow-Me' flash portability between physical systems and read-only OSs.

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"One Stop Systems' expertise in PCIe expansion has helped evolve our flash products from purely expansion systems to powerful all-flash arrays," said Steve Cooper, CEO, OSS. "All-flash arrays have increasingly replaced traditional spinning disks in environments ranging from mobile devices to data centers and defense vehicles. Both the commercial and the rugged versions provide a new level of performance for applications such as real-time HPC analytics, big data and high speed data recording."

Pricing for the commercial version of the storage unit starts at $24,995 and is available upon order.