In Hyperconverged Secondary Storage, Cohesity Unveiled Native Integration With Pure Storage

For data protection and recovery
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.02.28

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Cohesity, Inc., in hyper-converged secondary storage, announced integration with Pure Storage, Inc., an independent solid-state array vendor, to deliver faster, more efficient data protection and recovery.

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The native integration with Pure Storage FlashArray//M also empowers customers to leverage public cloud storage for long-term data retention and accelerate DevOps with instantaneous copies of any production application.

By combining Cohesity's hyper-converged secondary storage platform with Pure's all-flash arrays for mission-critical applications, customers have access to efficient and scalable infrastructure that extends across the data center. The integration allows companies to automatically consolidate an array of secondary storage tasks on Cohesity DataPlatform within the Pure operating environment, rather than wrangle a handful of fragmented and expensive point solutions for data protection, backup, file services, DevOps and analytics.

This integration provides the best of both worlds for data protection. Traditional backup software typically provides only weekly full and daily incremental backups, but FlashArray//M snapshots offer more frequent backups (RPOs within a few minutes) and faster recovery times (nearly instantaneous RTOs), all without impacting the performance of the primary application.

With this integration, customers can dynamically tier snapshots between primary and secondary storage, keep their most recent snaps on Pure for faster data protection and move long-term snapshots dynamically to Cohesity to reduce overall costs and create a second layer of protection. The Cohesity user interface eliminates the burden of backing up Pure snapshots manually by giving administrators the ability to assign protection policies to their Pure volumes. This automates the snapshot creation and retention process across both Pure arrays and Cohesity DataPlatform.

Additional Benefits of Combined Solution:

  • Automated management via pre- and post-snapshot scripts to put applications in an app-consistent state prior to initiating a snapshot
  • Ability to recover from Cohesity to any FlashArray//M in the same data center or in a separate DR site
  • Native integration with the Amazon, Google and Microsoft public clouds for low-cost retention of snapshots over the long term
  • Ability to instantaneously clone any snapshot at zero cost to a test/dev Pure array to simplify provisioning of development environments

"Cohesity complements our all-flash strategy with a simplified data protection solution that improves recovery speed while lowering overall cost of ownership compared to traditional data protection solutions, which allows us to deliver increased value to our joint customers," said Matt Kixmoeller, VP of products, Pure. "Pure plus Cohesity is a great one-two punch for modernizing the end-to-end data lifecycle."

"Pure and Cohesity work seamlessly together to empower our joint customers with a best-in-class solution that reduces overall data protection costs with a second layer of protection, and provides a cost-effective solution for DevOps provisioning," said Patrick Rogers, VP marketing and product, Cohesity. "This is the future of the data center, and we're excited to team up with Pure to bring this to a broad range of enterprises."

"After evaluating multiple options, we chose Cohesity with Pure Storage to deliver best-in-class data protection for our demanding production environments," said Ed Krupka, CIO, Burris Logistics, a controlled-temperature food distribution operations. "Cohesity provides superior ease-of-use, simplified scaling and lowest TCO for protecting our mission-critical applications running on Pure Storage."

"Together, Pure and Cohesity provide a complete end-to-end storage solution for our mission-critical applications and virtualized server environment," said Chris Yinger, senior director of IT, the Laser Spine Institute, which has relieved over 60,000 patients from chronic neck and back pain at its national network of surgery centers. "Pure offers leading performance with its all-flash primary storage arrays, while Cohesity provides the highly efficient and simplified secondary storage we need to protect our business-critical data. Cohesity's direct backup of Pure FlashArray//M snapshots provides another layer of data protection for our mission-critical apps that's easy to use from the Cohesity DataProtect administrative console."