Panzura With New Freedom Product Line

Free data from expensive NAS and move, manage and access it in any cloud, with Freedom Archive, Freedom NAS, and Freedom Collaboration
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Panzura, Inc. introduced its Freedom product line, enabling organizations to combine the economics of cloud storage with the performance of flash to solve growing unstructured data challenges.

The Freedom product family - Freedom Archive, Freedom NAS, and Freedom Collaboration - frees organizations from
storing unstructured data on expensive NAS systems and move, manage and access that data in any cloud. With Freedom line, customers can choose the hybrid cloud storage functionality needed now and upgrade with a simple license to access additional functionality later.

Freedom Archive eliminates the need to store less frequently accessed data on expensive primary or secondary storage from vendors like NetApp, Inc. or Dell EMC (part of Dell Technologies) or transfer it to more traditional archiving methods such as tape or optical disk. Instead, Freedom Archive combines the benefits of performance local cache for high speed data ingest and on demand access to important data with the economics and limitless capacity of cloud storage to make archiving of petabytes of data dramatically simpler, faster and less expensive.

Freedom NAS provides organizations with performance to shared data and home directories by centralizing that data in the cloud while keeping active data cached close to the users and applications. Local users have full read-write abilities with the global namespace while users at offsite offices can read data from a central cloud repository. It is simpler, faster and less expensive than deploying separate primary, backup and archive storage at each site.

Freedom Collaboration builds upon the benefits of Freedom Archive and Freedom NAS while providing cross-site collaboration of project files regardless of where they are located. Global teams no longer need to wait for files to open or sync before receiving instant access to application data. It eliminates the need to maintain separate local copies of files and the version-control nightmares that can lead to data integrity issues. All files are read-write accessible at every site as though on a local, locking filer and all of the data is backed by a central cloud data repository.

"The rise of public cloud services has fundamentally altered the IT infrastructure landscape. The effects of this shift have disrupted few sectors more than the storage segment. Faced with ever increasing capacity demands, the status quo of the traditional storage array is no longer sustainable for many organizations. Cloud can be an answer, but organizations still demand the performance of local storage," said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst, ESG. "Panzura's new Freedom product line enables organizations to take advantage of cloud economics, but not sacrifice fast, local performance all while choosing the level of functionality needed."

"Enterprises are accelerating their cloud first strategies. Combine this with the massive growth of unstructured data and the fact that 90% of that data has not been accessed in six months and you can see why enterprises are turning to hybrid cloud storage," said Patrick Harr, CEO, Panzura. "Freedom Archive, Freedom NAS, and Freedom Collaboration enable enterprises to fulfill their cloud first initiatives, keep the fast flash local performance users and applications require, and save 70% compared to traditional storage."

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All three products in the Freedom product line are available.

  • Organizations can download a free, 30-day trial version of Freedom Archive.

  • Customers can also request a free trial license of Freedom NAS and Collaboration.

  • Freedom products work across all major public cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM Cloud as well as private cloud object storage providers including IBM Corp. and Dell EMC.