Thecus Implementing Windows Storage Server 2016

Reducing security risks and disruptions
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.02.17

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Thecus Technology Corp. announced the implementation of Windows Storage Server 2016 to their enterprise rackmount product line.

Available this February, Windows Storage Server 2016 arrives packed with an array of features. Microsoft has extended its already usable storage solution to better cater for enterprise environments.

"The latest evolution of the Windows OS allows businesses to innovate faster, in a cloud-ready environment, with increased security and functionality. Window Storage Server 2016 proves why Microsoft continues to be a key player in the IT infrastructure ", says Florence Shih, GM, Thecus.

Windows Storage Server 2016 will enable businesses to take advantage of IT innovation while reducing security risks and disruptions. With access to new layers of security, datacenter efficiency, and agility in application development backed by Microsoft Azure. No matter where an organization is heading, it will be able to get there with Windows Storage Server 2016.

The implementation of Windows Storage Server 2016 into Thecus products lines will occur throughout the year in relation to different product segments.