NAB: Symply With Digital Storage Solutions for Global Media and Content Creators

From single editor to entire facility
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At 2017 NAB Show, Symply, Inc. will demonstrate a range of digital storage solutions for global media and content creators, from the single editor to an entire facility.

SymplySHARE workflow
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Featuring solid engineering and user-friendly software, the company is changing the way media professionals work and collaborate by supporting 4K content and beyond.

Key products and technology demos:



It is an all-in-one, collaborative storage workspace. It does more and costs less, fitting 10U worth of capabilities, performance, and redundancy into a 4U size. Built on a fast, and capable storage platform; RAID storage; and an integrated and blending of FC and Ethernet sharing, it can be adapted as users' needs and workflows change - all monitored and managed with SymplyGO software. The solution is for 4K, 8K, high frame rate, and HDR workflows. Built on an optimized Linux RAID core with embedded StorNext 5 and integrated metastorage, each SymplyPRO system comes with 24 drives and 192TB, expandable up to 768TB with expansion systems, as well as a quad 16Gb FC, and dual 10GbE IP ports per controller supporting macOS, Windows, and Linux clients. A five-year warranty, five-year software maintenance plan is also offered.



Xsan-compatible, desktop-shared workgroup solution, it provides shared storage for small workgroup settings. There is no complicated, separate metadata networking to set up or FC storage connections to manage. Users can
connect up to eight Thunderbolt workstations and twenty 10GbE IP users to SymplySHARE, configure their environment, and share up to 128TB of HDD storage or combination of HDD and solid-state disk for creative collaborative power.

SymplySHARE is powered by StorNext 5, and uses SymplySTOR RAID units to provide transportable and flexible storage options. It's for 4K and higher definition editing and finishing, and includes company's management and monitoring suite for macOS, Windows, iOS, and watchOS. This is a cost-effective product that can do the work of a rackmount system at a fraction of the price and hassle.

SymplyRAID front


At the 2017 NAB Show, the firm will demonstrate
SymplyRAID, a performance, throughput RAID storage system with low latency and massive capacity for large-scale media workflows. For broadcast and post facilities with existing infrastructure, including Xsan and StorNext workflows, it supports 4K and beyond, without the increased complexity and high costs typically associated with adding more capacity. Easy to install, it is available in 3U 16-drive and 4U 24-drive configurations with capacities for any need, whether large or small. Increased performance and massive scalability is easy with the addition of SymplyRAID expansion systems.



The company will also showcase SymplySTOR, an Thunderbolt3 enabled storage solution for individual content creators. It is fast, friendly, and flexible, offering whisper-quiet performance at an affordable price. With the capability to support any project, from basic media production to uncompressed 4K, and higher-definition content creation, SymplySTOR is an addition to any desktop environment. It is expandable
up to 64TB of RAID storage with combinations of HDD and solid-state disk, offering the capacity and performance for demanding creative tasks. Video and audio assets are stored and delivered via low-latency Thunderbolt. Moving from an individual to a workgroup is no problem, as SymplySTOR adds to SymplySHARE to provided shared workgroup storage.

Pegasus3 Symply Edition RAID storage system

Pegasus3 Symply Edition RAID storage system

Developed with
Promise Technology, Inc, the Pegasus3 Symply Edition RAID storage system will be shown at the 2017 NAB Show. Featuring 40Gb/s Thunderbolt3 performance, RAID protection, and the SymplyGO storage management suite, the desktop RAID solution is for creative professionals generating high-resolution video and rich media content on Mac and Windows systems.

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The Pegasus3 Symply Edition is available in three models: the Pegasus R4, Pegasus R6, and Pegasus R8, delivering four, six, and eight drive configurations of RAID storage. Each system is tested, performance tuned, and ready to go right out of the box for desktop users. The inclusion of dual Thunderbolt3 ports enables high-speed connectivity at throughput rates up to 40Gb/s - twice the speed of Thunderbolt2 - as well as the ability to connect up to six daisy-chained devices.

SANLink3 F2


SANLink3 F2
The company will show next-generation network connectivity for Thunderbolt3 Macs, from the originator of Thunderbolt bridge technology. The SANLink3 F2 was designed to provide the performance needed for media workflows and creative applications. It connects 40Gb/s Thunderbolt3 to Dual 16G FC ports. It features a fastest, reliable, and affordable Thunderbolt3 to SAN connection available. A Thunderbolt 3 cable is also included (USB Type-C). This is a out-of-the-box solution: users plug their SANLink3 F2 into a Thunderbolt3 port and the FC network. There are no drivers or software to install. Sleek and compact, easy to use, and transport, with a small desktop footprint, it runs quiet.

SANLink3 T1


SANLink3 T1
The SANLink3 T1 with Thunderbolt3 technology changes the way how creative professionals connect Thunderbolt3 computers to existing Ethernet networks. High-speed NBASE-T technology is designed to maximize the available line rate of Thunderbolt3. It provides portable and desktop systems with high-speed Ethernet connectivity, while improving connectivity for power users via a copper Ethernet cable, streamlining creative and high-demand workflow needs. This is a complete out-of-the-box solution: plug the SANLink3 into a Thunderbolt3 port and the Ethernet network. There are no drives or software to install. It is bus-powered, compact, quiet, and lightweight; needs no power adapters or big bulky boxes; and is easy to install and transport.

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It is a way to deploy and manage storage workspace in media workflows. SymplyGO features a single at-a-glance view of the entire storage workspace, whether it's a single desktop RAID system, a small workgroup, an entire facility, or a number of locations spread across an entire geography. SymplyGO makes it easy to setup and deploy systems anywhere and monitor them remotely with macOS, Windows, iOS, and even WatchAPP. Because deadlines count and uptime is key, it gives users predictive performance and system monitoring as well as fast and accurate notification.