In Win Introduced Trayless Storage Server Chassis

With 12Gb SAS expanded backplane and redundant power
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.02.17

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In Win Development, Inc. introduces IW-RS-03 trayless 12Gb SAS expanded backplane storage server chassis.



The IW-RS-03 storage server features trayless bays, a modularized structure and a redundant power supply, which makes system maintenance and management easier.

The IW-RS-03 series has a locking mechanism attached to the doors so HDDs don't fall and become damaged when installing or removing the drives. The trayless design can help infrastructure managers replace failed disks quickly, unlike traditional enclosures, which needs spare disk trays, more time for prepping and ultimately more money. The modularized structure makes installation easier, and also capable of replacing parts ins.


Additionally, the IW-RS-03 series comes with an 80 Plus Platinum redundant power supply, which allows the system stay on line even if one of the power supply modules is fail. The PSU area places a lot of emphasis on cable management. There is an expender control board with golden finder connectors, which are customized to reduce cable clutter and have a tidier server.

IW-RS-03M series includes: