David Gingell CMO, Seal Software

Has been VP of Europe, Middle East and Africa Marketing for EMC and NetApp.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.02.17

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Seal Software Limited, in contract analytics and discovery announced the appointment of two senior executives.

David Gingell is appointed the company's first CMO and Rich Bohne is appointed as chief revenue officer. Both are veterans of the enterprise software industry and report to the CEO, Ulf Zetterberg.

"I am delighted that David Gingell and Rich Bohne have chosen to pursue their careers at Seal Software," said Zetterberg. "It is a testament to the growth that we have experienced so far and the opportunity ahead of us. Both are customer-facing and customer-focused and will be dedicating their time to serving our community and delighting our customers. David and Rich have proven track records in their respective fields of expertise and I am delighted they are joining my leadership team."

Seal Software,GingellDavid Gingell joins after a career in technology marketing, most recently as the CMO of TeamViewer GmbH, the leading provider of remote access and control software. Prior roles have been as VP of Europe, Middle East and Africa Marketing for major technology brands including EMC, Adobe and NetApp. Additionally, he has served as interim VP of WW product and solutions marketing for NetApp. He was an early employee of Documentum which was later acquired by EMC. He was a key player in the formation of the enterprise content management market and helped Documentum reach the number one vendor in this industry prior to its acquisition.

"I am honored to take on this role in such a unique company," said Gingell. "Seal Software is rapidly-growing and establishing itself in an under-served market. I am committed to making marketing a strategic lever for the organization and a significant contributor to growth."

Seal Software bohneRich Bohne has more than 25 years of experience in the enterprise software industry building and managing high performance teams. Prior to Seal Software, he held executive sales positions at Quest Software, which had a successful IPO in 1999, and Dell where he led the Americas sales teams for Dell Software Group.

"The impact that Seal Software can have in helping enterprise customers save money, make money and remain compliant by properly discovering and managing their contracts is enormous. I am thrilled to be part of this team," commented Bohne. "I am also excited to be working with thought leaders like Ulf and David, as we grow the business."