Acronis Backup 12 With Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Monthly price per mailbox between $1.67 and $3.33 depending on geography, volume and subscription term
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Acronis International GmbH announced the addition of Microsoft Office 365 backup functionality to its business backup solution, Acronis Backup 12, enabling businesses to protect all data, local and in the cloud, with a single solution, single configuration, and a single interface.

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Backup 12 has been well-accepted, delivering over 40% growth in adoption in 2016. In keeping with company' cloud first strategy, the software adds Microsoft Office 365 backup features that have been available in firm's Backup Cloud solution since July. The company has seen significant adoption of the features that enabled cloud service providers to protect their customers' Office 365 environments.

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Microsoft Office 365
services deliver flexibility and scalability, changing the way small businesses manage their email infrastructure. The company provides additional backup by enabling protection of cloud workloads with Backup 12, giving businesses control over the protected data, and allowing them to keep it locally or in the cloud for long-term access or archiving purposes.

"Small and midsize businesses worry about control, worry about security, and worry about cost. Tying things together in a comprehensive way gets harder as firms grow and data protection becomes an ever bigger chore. Acronis has data control as a key product capability and SMBs will appreciate the ability to coordinate and manage diverse data," said Ray Boggs, VP, small and medium business research, IDC.

According to the Data Protection Cloud Strategies report produced by Enterprise Strategy Group, nearly three-quarters of the surveyed businesses intended to protect their public cloud data in a location other than their production environment's cloud, realizing that an interruption or problem in the cloud can potentially take away not only the production data, but also the backups. 44% of the respondents said they move data to a different cloud for speed and convenience, and 29% said they prefer keeping a copy of their cloud data in-house.

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Backup 12 provides protection for Office 365 with:

  • Automatic backup of Microsoft Office 365 emails, including contacts, calendars, tasks, and attachments;

  • Ability to store backup data locally or in the cloud, for long-term access or archiving purposes;

  • Preview, browsing and searching capabilities of the backup content;

  • Ability to recover individual and shared mailboxes to the original or an alternative location;

  • Ability to recover and deliver individual items by email without restoring the entire backup;

  • Acronis Active Protection against ransomware: protecting user devices and data by blocking the attacks and instantly restoring affected data (will be available in the next update).

Support for vSphere 6.5 and other improvements
This update also introduces support for vSphere 6.5 - agentless and agent-based VM and ESXi host backup, support of VMware CBT, firm's Instant Recovery, vmFlashback, replication with WAN optimization, and other techncal and performance improvements.

Protection of all data
Backup 12 offers protection for more than just Office 365 or vSphere 6.5 workloads. In fact, it is a single solution that protects all data, in all locations and in any environment. It is designed to enable businesses to remain in control of their data even when transitioning to the cloud or managing their hybrid cloud infrastructure. (Full feature set).

  • All virtual environments: backup and recovery of VMs and hosts;

  • All cloud: backup and recovery of Microsoft Azure VMs, Amazon EC instances and Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes;

  • All physical: Windows, Linux, Mac servers and workstations, also iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

  • All applications: Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Active Directory, and more.

"Today small businesses depend more on Microsoft cloud-based services to run their businesses. But cloud data also needs to be protected and available to ensure BC. Microsoft Office 365 email backup extends the functionality of Acronis Backup 12, offering complete protection of the entire digital image of a small business," said Serguei Beloussov, founder and CEO, Acronis.

"We're pleased to see Acronis' commitment to Microsoft," said Rob Howard, director, Office 365 ecosystem, Microsoft Corp. "By extending the benefits of Acronis Backup to Microsoft Office 365, Acronis is helping provide our mutual customers with a robust and easy-to-use experience."

Backup Office 365 subscription licenses are available online and from local distributors.

The monthly price per mailbox ranges between $1.67 and $3.33 depending on geography, volume and the subscription term.