Italian MSP ReeVo Cloud Selected Cloudian HyperStore

Rather than Scality to power storage-as-a-service solution
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.02.16

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Cloudian, Inc. announced that ReeVo Cloud, an Italian service provider specialising in cloud computing, has deployed Cloudian HyperStore.


ReeVo will use HyperStore to provide an expanding range of services including infrastructure-as-a-service, storage-as-a-service, backup-as-a-service, DR and BC services.

It is a cloud service provider specialised in backup, DR, and BC services. 

Its adoption of HyperStore was enabled by BCLOUD SrL, a distributor of software-defined IT, and Cloudian partner in the region. In addition to managing installation of the solution, BCLOUD will provide on-going support as ReeVo rolls out its services.

ReeVo is 100% channel focused and has more than 200 reseller partners, four distributors and multiple data centres, all in Italy. To meet growing demand for scalable, reliable S3-based storage services, ReeVo evaluated several storage vendors including Scality, S.A. ReeVo selected Cloudian because of its ease of implementation, scalability and public cloud compatibility.

"Working with Cloudian and BCLOUD has enabled us to build a powerful and flexible set of services," explains Antonio Giannetto, CTO and innovation strategist, ReeVo. "After evaluating multiple S3 storage solutions including Scality, we adopted Cloudian HyperStore for the superior compatibility of its S3 API. Cloudian HyperStore was the only solution that worked flawlessly with the S3 tools and applications that are critical for our managed cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, throughout our evaluation and implementation, both Cloudian and BCLOUD's technical expertise and professional services were exceptional, making Cloudian an easy choice."

In the last year, ReeVo has seen an increase in demand for backup and DR services as customers seek effective data protection in the face of potential natural disasters and other adverse events. ReeVo relies on Cloudian HyperStore's inherent data durability and availability to ensure highly reliable data protection services.

Currently HyperStore is deployed in two ReeVo data centres, with a total of 500TB under management. Data is continuously replicated between the data centres for DR and BC purposes. The firm plans to expand Cloudian usage to its other data centres in the near future.

Jon Toor, CMO, Cloudian explains: "As businesses increasingly look to take advantage of cloud services for their data protection needs, MSPs play an important role. MSPs like ReeVo, together with Cloudian HyperStore can provide bespoke options to business that require cost-effective DR and BC through backup solutions."