Infortrend EonStor GS Featuring Symmetric Active-Active Controllers

And convenient support service with Service Manager
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.02.16

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Infortrend Technology, Inc. announced its EonStor GS family supports symmetric active-active controller configuration to minimize administrative effort and boost performance.


The company is also introducing a feature, Service Manager, which can automatically report EonStor GS issues to the firm's service center to request support service.

The symmetric active-active controllers simplify IT management by eliminating the need to configure a preferred path in server virtualization environments. Performance is boosted as path thrashing is eliminated and workload is more equally distributed without additional load balancing software. I/O can continue through the remaining paths without interruption in the event of a path failure and failover is accomplished without the need to renegotiate a connection.

Service Manager is a service request tool integrated on EonOne, centralized management software for the EonStor GS family which provides automatic reports of system issues to the company's service center for quick handling. It automatically collects system logs and configuration information of EonStor GS and sends them to the service center along with a service request to simplify the process of requesting technical support. Users can also keep track of the status of their service requests through EonOne Service Manager.

"We design the EonStor GS Family with the goal to simplify deployment and management of storage systems and will continue to introduce features that boost performance, availability and convenience for users," said Thomas Kao, senior director, product planning, Infortrend.