IBM Spectrum Accelerate V11.5.4

Software-defined block storage improved security from data center to cloud in unified user.
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IBM Spectrum Accelerate V11.5.4 delivers improved data security from data center to cloud in an innovative, unified user environment

IBM Spectrum Accelerate delivers a variety of enterprise features on x86 servers, similar to XIV Gen3 storage systems.

With Spectrum Accelerate, you can reduce time to value for business applications and achieve cost savings driven by the agility and usage of the hardware solution.

An administrator can deploy the Spectrum Accelerate storage solution on existing virtualized servers in minutes, enabling a tuning-free storage environment to be built quickly with outstanding ease of management and agility.

Spectrum Accelerate V11.5.4 delivers following functions:

  • Data-at-rest encryption enables the use of SEDs to protect user data from exposure to unauthorized personnel
  • Hot encryption enables you to activate encryption at a later stage of the system lifecycle instead of at the time of installation
  • Support for VMware vCenter/ESXi 6.0 enables VMWare-based systems to upgrade to a newer version of vSphere
  • Support for 450GB and 15,000rpm drives increases the diverse inventory of HDDs you can install Hyper-Scale Manager is the next-generation, web-based GUI to deliver a holistic and intuitive user experience while sharing the same pane of glass with the whole A-line family: A9000, A9000R, and XIV Gen3

Key prerequisites

  • x86 servers running VMware ESX Hypervisor with a VM configured according to the recommended specifications.
  • VMware ESXi V5.5 or V6.0 is required on every node.

Planned availability date: March 2, 2017