10,000 Enterprises Adopted Nimble Storage Flash Platform

Including Gamma Telecom, Werum IT Solutions and National Rugby League
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.02.16

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Nimble Storage, Inc. announced that more than 10,000 customers have purchased the its Storage Predictive Flash platform.

This accomplishment demonstrates the market demand for predictive infrastructure that provides businesses with fast, reliable access to data. The Predictive Flash platform leverages flash and cloud-based predictive analytics to eliminate the app-data gap and deliver operational simplicity, infrastructure availability and cross-stack visibility. Deep predictive capabilities allow Nimble to provide a customer support experience to the more than 10,000 customers.

"The future of infrastructure is predictive and autonomous. Since our inception, this has been at the forefront of our mission," said Suresh Vasudevan, CEO, Nimble. "With the help of our tremendous partner ecosystem, more than 10,000 customers have purchased our Predictive Flash platform. In addition to acquiring new customers at a rapid pace, we continue to see a steady pattern of repeat deployments from our installed base. We are pioneering a new level of technology innovation and customer support that businesses will come to expect from all vendors. Thank you to our loyal customer base."

Through the deep predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities of InfoSight, Nimble is able to tackle issues that slow down data as it moves through complex infrastructure - also known as the app-data gap - to ensure customers can operate their applications, and their businesses, at peak speed. By aggregating and analyzing data across the Nimble installed base, InfoSight Predictive Analytics identifies and prevents causes of downtime before they occur. The machine learning capabilities built into the Predictive Flash platform have enabled the measured availability to reach over six-nines (99.9999%) up-time.

Customers around the globe recognizing the value of predictive infrastructure:

  • Gamma scales IT infrastructure with Predictive Flash Platform: Gamma Telecom, Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of voice, data and mobile products and services in the UK. The telecommunications company was experiencing growing pains with its legacy storage provider. The company wanted to scale capacity of its corporate IT infrastructure and improve reliability and performance of critical workloads. Gamma also wanted to lower soaring operational costs and simplify storage management for its IT staff, enabling them to focus on more strategic IT initiatives. Gamma has been scaling out its Predictive Flash platform over the past few years, most recently adding an AF9000 All Flash array. The increased performance and capacity on the AF9000 is focused on mission-critical workloads that underpin Gamma's corporate IT infrastructure.
  • Werum IT Solutions improves IT infrastructure availability: Werum IT Solutions GmbH is a supplier of manufacturing execution systems (MES) and manufacturing IT solutions for the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries. The Lüneburg, Germany-based software company has deployed 20 CS-Series Adaptive Flash arrays supporting their offices in the US, Europe and Asia. The Predictive Flash platform has enabled the company to cut production times for software development nearly in half. By implementing the flash arrays, the company achieved better performance compared to other storage vendor products. A factor in Werum IT Solutions' continued patronage of Nimble is due to InfoSight Predictive Analytics, which has allowed the company to operate critical software development and supports 3,000 VMs. 
  • National Rugby League (NRL) adds performance and capacity for future growth: The National Rugby League (NRL) administration represents a sporting club that involves 1.3 million participants across the nation. Rapid growth of the NRL's in-house IT services resulted in application performance issues and increased demand for storage. The NRL was also experiencing virtual server growth from four to 65 servers and a near doubling of staff, placing pressure on the organization's existing IT infrastructure. With its vendors no longer providing support for the legacy storage arrays, the NRL turned to Nimble. Implementing the Predictive Flash platform reduced storage rack space requirements by 50%, and the NRL had no need to specify storage tiers or RAID levels, aggregates or volumes. Nimble supports the continued development of the organization's IT infrastructure and the business of the NRL.