Komprise Raises $12 Million in Series B

General availability of Data Management Grid
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Komprise Inc., in intelligent data management across clouds, raised $12 million in Series B funding, led by Walden International, with participation from existing investor Canaan Partners and luminaries including Bill Moore (co-founder ZFS, ex-EMC Fellow), and Sanjay Mehrotra (former CEO of SanDisk).

The company also announces general availability of the Komprise Data Management Grid that scales linearly with no central bottlenecks, enabling businesses to manage the massive scale of today's data while cutting 70% of costs.

Komprise will use the funds to globally accelerate its growing momentum with customers and partners. Since announcing general availability of Komprise Data Management 1.0 last summer, the firm has quickly gained strong traction both with partners and customers. Komprise has forged partnerships with major storage and cloud players including NetApp, EMC, Quantum, Spectra Logic, HPE, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Komprise is now being used by enterprises across verticals including financial services, genomics, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, media and entertainment, and government. It will use the funding to scale its operations globally.

Komprise is disrupting the multi-billion dollar market for unstructured data management with an easy to adopt, easy to scale, storage agnostic solution that costs a fraction of the alternatives.

According to the analyst firm IDC, by 2020 the digital universe will reach 44ZB, 90% of which is unstructured data.

Existing data management approaches were not designed to handle this monumental explosion in the variety, volume, and velocity of data - 25% of IT budgets are already spent on storage and data management with no room to grow.

Komprise enables businesses to squeeze data growth into flat budgets and cut 70% of costs, without disrupting users or the existing storage infrastructure.

"We invest in proven teams with a clear solution that addresses a large well-defined market opportunity. Komprise addresses an urgent unmet market need by actually solving the data management problem that others have not - managing data growth intelligently with visibility across storage," says Lip-Bu Tan, chairman, Walden International. "We are excited to help Komprise accelerate its growth as it has the potential to reshape how the world manages its data."

Not many startups can claim leading enterprises as customers, and the major storage and cloud players as partners. The incredible market momentum that Komprise is building validates the clear value it brings in meeting customer demands of managing data across clouds, and we are excited to continue backing this innovative company and phenomenal team,” says Maha Ibrahim, general partner, Canaan Partners.

Komprise Data Management Grid
The Komprise Data Management Grid builds on the core Komprise analytics-driven management platform to add on-demand linear scaling without any central bottlenecks such as databases or controllers. Unlike traditional solutions that are costly, complex, and limit scaling with centralized architectures, Komprise is an adaptive scale-out data management solution that requires no hardware, deploys in 15 minutes, is storage agnostic without any storage agents, uses analytics to intelligently manage, archive, replicate and protect data across both on premise and cloud storage, and scales on-demand to handle massive scale.

Scaling Komprise involves a single button-click to add more virtual appliances - and the grid automatically load balances, manages high availability through redundancy, and provides Disaster Recovery. The fir creates a sustainable approach to manage the growing onslaught of data with a simple to operate solution with no changes to existing storage, processes, users or infrastructure while enabling customers to save 70% of the costs. 

"What impressed me with Komprise is that they have they built an analytics-driven, scale-out approach to automate tiering of data across storage systems. Not only that, but it is dead simple to try out and deploy, showing up front how it will manage your data across both on premise and cloud storage, saving you management time and storage costs. Something every CIO I’ve talked to has had as a top priority," says Moore.

Our Comments

Secondary storage is clearly a huge business opportunity with the unification of different players coming from various horizons: backup, archive, HSM, tiering, DR and gateways vendors, all converge towards this new eldorado.

In fact, this number of players and dynamism of the sector illustrate the importance of the opportunity. VC puts money in various project such as Komprise but also Cohesity, Rubrik and solutions that bridge on-prem and cloud environments such Avere or Nasuni for instance.

Primary and secondary storage diverge in term of usage and also by the nature of access and storage flavors. As a key TCO reduction enabler, deploying a global tiering approach makes significant savings. Maths are pretty obvious as the cost of primary storage is bigger than the cost of secondary storage even with the software logic in the middle so the gain is immediate.

In other words, you have 500TB of flash and you finally realize than only 20% of data are touched, do you wish to continue to buy flash in that case? Probably not if 80% of 500TB can migrated to a secondary storage with seamless access for users at a fraction of the primary storage cost with the migration software included.

Komprise has understood this IT need and offer a radical new approach both in terms of architecture and pricing model. The company doesn't make any choice in term of secondary storage with a fully agnostic mode supporting S3 and NAS interfaces meaning that the solution supports on-prem NAS or object storage and public clouds.

Competition is very active in that market segment with vendors coming from the file virtualization space such Avere, cloud gateways like Nasuni, Panzura, Infiniteio, NTP Software, Microsoft with StorSimple, or just tiering/HSM solutions from Moonwalk, Versity, Quantum, Seven10, Point Software and Systems, ASG, Grau Data, QStar or SGI DMF plus of course some gorillas. We could easily list more than twenty players depending of the use cases.

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