Archive2Anywhere Connector for Barracuda Message Archiver From Archive360

Licensed per terabyte with price starting at $7,500
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Archive360, Inc. announced the Archive2Anywhere Connector for Barracuda Message Archiver.

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This connector makes Archive2Anywhere an solution that enables the direct migration of legacy email archives to the cloud-based Barracuda Message Archiver.

This announcement underscores the company's commitment to provide customers with a broade choice and flexibility when choosing a solution to meet their regulations compliance, legal eDiscovery and other long-term storage and management requirements, at the low cost.

"Legacy email archives are putting today's organizations at compliance risk, while their management and maintenance costs continue to skyrocket," said Bill Tolson, VP, marketing, Archive360. "With the new Archive2Anywhere Connector for Barracuda Message Archiver, we are maintaining our goal to enable our customers to move their legacy data onto the platform that best fits their business, IT and budgetary requirements. For customers that wish to move to the Barracuda cloud, we're making the move to this cost-effective cloud-based solution easy and fast. This means companies have a reliable path to decommission their legacy email archive so that they can realize a rapid return on the benefits of a modern cloud-enabled archive."

The Archive2Anywhere Connector for Barracuda Message Archiver can run over 40 parallel mailbox extractions and performs at a rate of over 2.5TB per day, based on an average message size of 200KB.

Archive2Anywhere also delivers following benefits:

  • Simple to deploy and configure with no plug-ins required

  • Extracts all messages and attachments including all metadata

  • Processes messages directly into Barracuda Message Archiver with 99.99% accuracy

  • Preserves complete, original message fidelity for eDiscovery and regulatory requests

  • Maintains a detailed item-level audit trail for compliance and reporting

The Archive2Anywhere Connector for Barracuda Message Archiver is available. It is licensed per terabyte, with pricing starting at $7,500.