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Condusiv: Performance for Windows PCs and Physical Servers and Extended Life of SSDs With SSDkeeper

Available in professional and server editions at $70
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.02.09

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Condusiv Technologies Corporation launched SSDkeeper software that guarantees to deliver 'faster than new' Windows PC and physical server performance while also extending the life and longevity of SSDs.

"Every Windows PC or physical server fitted with a SSD suffers from very small, fractured writes and reads, which dampen optimal SSD performance and ultimately erodes the longevity of SSDs from write amplification issues. SSDkeeper's patented software ensures large, clean contiguous writes and reads for more payload with every I/O operation, reduced Program/Erase (P/E) cycles that shorten longevity, and boosts performance even further with its ability to cache hot reads within idle, available DRAM," said Brian Morin, SVP, sales and marketing, Condusiv.

SSDs can only handle a number of finite writes before failing. Every write kicks off P/E cycles that shorten SSD lifespan otherwise known as write amplification. By reducing the number of writes required for any given file or workload, SSDkeeper boosts write performance speed while also reducing the number of P/E cycles that would have otherwise been executed. This enables individuals and organizations reclaim the write speed of their SSD drives while ensuring the longest life possible.

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Patented write optimization

SSDkeeper's patented write optimization engine (IntelliWrite) prevents excessively small, fragmented writes and reads that rob the performance and endurance of SSDs. It ensures large, clean contiguous writes from Windows, so maximum payload is carried with every I/O operation. By eliminating the 'death by a thousand cuts' scenario of many, tiny writes and reads that slow system performance, the lifespan of an SSD is also extended due to reduction in write amplification issues that plague all SSD devices.

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Patented read optimization
SSDkeeper electrifies Windows system performance further with an additional patented feature - dynamic memory caching (IntelliMemory). By automatically using idle, available DRAM to serve hot reads, data is served from memory which is 12-15X faster than SSDs and further reduces wear to the SSD device. In SSDkeeper's DRAM caching engine, nothing has to be allocated for cache. All caching occurs automatically. It dynamically uses only the memory that is available at any given moment and throttles according to the need of the application, so there is never an issue of resource contention or memory starvation. If a system is ever memory constrained at any point, SSDkeeper's caching engine will back off entirely. However, systems with just 4GB of available DRAM commonly serve 50% of read traffic. It doesn't take much available memory to have a big impact on performance.

SSDkeeper is a lightweight file system driver that runs invisibly in the background with near-zero intrusion on system resources. All optimizations occur automatically in real-time.

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Enhanced reporting
If you ever wanted to know how much Windows inefficiencies were robbing system performance, SSDkeeper tracks time saved due to elimination of small, fragmented writes and time saved from every read request that is served from DRAM instead of being served from the underlying SSD. Users can leverage SSDkeeper's built-in dashboard to see what percentage of all write requests are reduced by sequentializing otherwise small, fractured writes and what percentage of all read requests are cached from idle, available DRAM.

While SSDkeeper provides the same core patented functionality as the latest Diskeeper 16 for HDD drives (minus defragmentation functions for HDD drives only), the benefit to a SSD is different than to a HDD. HDDs do not suffer from write amplification that reduces longevity. By eliminating excessively small writes, IntelliWrite goes beyond improved write performance but extends endurance as well.

Available in professional and server editions:

  • SSDkeeper Professional for Windows PCs with SSD drives enhances the performance of corporate laptops and desktops.

  • SSDkeeper Server speeds physical server system performance of I/O intensive applications suh as MS-SQL Server by 2X to 10X depending on the amount of idle, unused memory.

  • Options include Diskeeper Administrator management console to automate network deployment and management across hundreds or thousands of PCs or servers.

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