PCI-AD-x16HE-PS PCI Sig Compliant Gen3 NVMe Host Adapter Card From Serial Cables

Incorporates Broadcom PEX9733 Capella 2, onboard microcontroller with two I2C bus for CMI support.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.01.11

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Serial Cables LLC announced a PCIe/NVMe host card supporting the PCIe cable specification.

The host card part number is PCI-AD-x16HE-PS and is
available for shipping.

The PCI-AD-x16HE-PS x16 host card incorporates the Broadcom PEX9733 Capella 2 low latency, non-blocking switch and supports the latest PCI-SIG external cable spec. It also incorporates an onboard micro-controller with two I2C bus for end-to-end CMI (Cable Management Interface) support.

The PCI-AD-x16HE-PS connects to PCIe devices via the company's PCI-4444S cable; an SFF-8644 connector based cable with single-ended EEPROM support, CMI data and clock signal lines, and all required PCIe EEPROM data pre-programmed (e.g. propagation delay, crosstalk and capabilities).

This host card can be configured to 1x16, 2, x8's or 4, x4's with switch on the card.