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In 2017 Small Businesses at Risk of Collapse Amid Data Security Concerns

Said Ciphertex
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.01.09

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"In today's digital economy, we realized small businesses, because of their nature, are inherently at a greater risk for business collapse due to data loss, natural disasters, or data theft," said Jerry Kaner, Ciphertex Data Security president and CEO.

He is an expert in data security and data forensics went on to say that "small business such as legal offices, small health clinics, or production studios aren't likely to have their own IT department to help them mitigate risks that can cause serious damage."

The Ciphertex Data Defender for up to 100TB of secure data transfer.

Small businesses generally don't consider data backup, become lax regarding ongoing maintenance, or aren't savvy about the latest data security threats of our digital world. Secured and reliably stored data is critical to the sustainability of the business and is essential to aid in rebuilding a small business that has to recover from a natural disaster or data system failure. 

Ciphertex Data Security manufactures encrypted portable storage devices that according to Kaner "offer unparalleled security and protection. Our products are business-ready with applications and capabilities to support small business to enterprise-level needs. Ciphertex is trusted by the U.S. Government and U.S. Military to secure and protect sensitive information."

Ciphertex portable NAS servers are now available from 8-100TB of encrypted storage to support any size small business across diverse industries. The company provides a low/no maintenance solution that offers enterprise grade software and capabilities and free lifetime tech support with zero licensing fees.

Ciphertex solutions use redundant technology and AES-256 bit encryption to actively protect against data loss, theft, and natural disasters and are HIPAA compliant.

Natural disasters, data loss or theft can equal weeks of lost work, damaged business reputation, and costly data recovery solutions. The question isn't if something will happen it is when something will happen.