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Condusiv Said V-locity I/O Reduction Software Guarantees to Solve Performance Challenges on Virtual Servers

On Windows virtual servers or money back, 90-days
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.01.04

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Condusiv Technologies Corporation guaranteed that V-locity I/O reduction software will solve the toughest performance challenges on virtual servers or your money back, 90-days, no questions asked.

"This is a case where we as company are driving a stake in the ground to put our money where our mouth is. If an organization is straining the I/O performance of their backend storage architecture and need to boost the performance of a couple of sluggish applications, the very first response should be evaluating Condusiv's patented V-locity I/O reduction software before going down the expensive and disruptive path of throwing more hardware at the problem," said Brian Morin, SVP, sales and marketing, Condusiv.

Since its release, V-locity has been adopted by over 2,000 virtualized organizations to solve their tough performance challenges with MS-SQL/Oracle, ERP, CRM, EHR, file servers, BI, imaging, Exchange, backup, and more. With nearly twenty published case studies, V-locity doubled performance in each instance, enabling organizations to solve their toughest problem by getting more I/O headroom from the hardware infrastructure they already have.

"Most IT professionals are unaware of the I/O issues in a virtual environment that tax performance with I/O characteristics that are much smaller, more fractured, and more random than they need to be. This 'death by a thousand cuts' scenario means the hardware infrastructure processes workloads about 50% slower than it should. Not only does V-locity solve this problem to ensure maximum payload with every I/O operation, it also establishes a tier-0 caching strategy by leveraging idle, available DRAM to cache reads. When any virtualized organization runs into a performance problem, the first response should be putting V-locity to the test to solve root cause performance issues before turning to a hardware vendor for a quote," said Morin.

The latest V-locity build comes with a 'time saved' dashboard so organizations can quickly and easily understand the business benefit of I/O reduction software to any one system or group of systems. See what percentage and number of write I/Os are eliminated from displacing many small writes with fewer contiguous writes. See what the percentage and number of read I/Os are cached from idle DRAM instead of being served from storage. Finally, monitor the actual 'I/O time saved' benefit from offloading I/O and streamlining what remains, so the value is easily quantified and never in question.

Free 30-day software trial

"Condusiv served over 50% of my reads from DRAM and eliminated over 30% of write traffic, now everything is more responsive," said David Bruce, managing partner, David Bruce and Associates LLC.

"Our Symantec app has been notoriously slow for as long as I can remember, but since adding Condusiv software, it has improved." said Josh Currier, manager, network infrastructure, Munters AB.

"Our most I/O intensive applications needed some help, and we were amazed by the performance boost," said Victor Grandmaiter, director, IT, Fort Bend Central Appraisal District.

"Condusiv's software doubled our throughput, so we could backup in half the time! Our Dell Rapid Recovery backup server is running smoother than ever," said Curtis Jackson, network administrator, School City of Hammond.

"Condusiv's software eliminated 32% of my write traffic and cached 64% of my read traffic within idle memory. This saved over 20 hours in I/O time after 24 days of testing," said Lou Goodreau, manager, IT, New England Fishery Management Council.