Plextor to Unveil Consumer 3D NAND SSDs at CES 2017

Increased drive endurance, reliability and performance at lower cost
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.12.27

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Plextor, brand iof Lite-On Technology Corporation, will introduce its first 3D NAND SSD during a 'sneak peek' media event at CES 2017.

The company will roll out 3D NAND flash in its next generation of SSDs in 2017. The firm continues its efforts in delivering technologies for a range of consumer needs. The 3D NAND SSD Series features increased drive endurance, reliability and performance at a lower cost.

Company's 3D NAND SSDs will feature firm's exclusive and well regarded software suite:

  • PlexNitro, tailor-made write acceleration technology

  • PlexTurbo smart caching technology that applies system memory to decrease the amount of time-consuming reading and writing

  • PlexCompressor smart compressing technology providing more storage capacity while maintaining high performance

  • PlexVault, a data protection technology that enables users to setup up exclusive spaces for sensitive information via hot keys.

"Consumers are doing far more with computers than they ever have, whether it's doing graphic design, watching full-length movies or playing intense video games. All of that requires storage systems capable of handling the expanding needs of consumers, without fail," said Christine Hsing, manager, global marketing, Plextor. "Our upcoming 3D NAND SSDs are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, no matter how basic or sophisticated."

Alongside the 3D NAND SSDs, the firm will also unveil its latest addition to the NVMe PCIe family with the M8Se Series, which is targeted at entry-level gamers and gaming enthusiasts without breaking the bank. The upcoming M8Se will also include features such as the next generation heatsink to further reduce the risk of higher temperatures compromising system performance.

The company will also showcase its sleek, lightweight, and ultra-slim external SSD - the EX1. With an compact size (1x3"), at 30grams, it is smaller and lighter than a deck of playing cards, making it for road warriors requiring access to important files without Internet connection. The EX1 is shock-proof, portable, and supports on-the-go (OTG) storage for Android devices. (*) With transmission speeds up to 500/550 Mb/s, it is an alternative to slow USB drives. Equipped with a Type-C connector and firm's high-performance SSD, the EX1 is a contender in external storage solutions. To add some peace of mind, the EX1 comes with optional data encryption software.

(*) Data transfer cable should be purchased separately in order to use Android's OTG feature.