Merchandise Optimization Software Company Revionics Chooses Nexenta

And realizes "$120,000 in savings."
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.12.22

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Nexenta Systems, Inc. announced that Revionics, Inc., in merchandise optimization solutions, leveraged NexentaStor to achieve scalability at a lower TCO to support their growing customer base.


Revionics' customer base includes retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc., Michael's Stores, Inc. and Cabela, Inc. which require the support of robust systems for their price, promotion and markdown optimization capabilities delivered via SaaS, using science-based predictive analytics.

Revionics was traditionally a SAN vendor shop, relying on various storage solutions to support customer data. Revionics wanted a longer-term solution that could scale to keep pace with the growth of both their customer base and in data volumes from existing customers. It looked for alternative storage solutions that scale on a shelf-by-shelf and head-by-head basis, remove the required minimum buy-in cost of a traditional SAN purchase, and deliver a transition that maintains performance levels and reduces TCO.

Sunny Nair, VP of IT, Revionics, was familiar with Nexenta, and he also evaluated other software-defined storage (SDS) solutions from established vendors. Revionics selected Nexenta because of its maturity in the SDS space, an estimated lower TCO, and increased performance with less required configuration. Revionics initially deployed NexentaStor to support an additional 20-30TB of customer data by purchasing and adding a Nexenta shelf to their existing system. Subsequently, Revionics transitioned to SSD and purchased two more Nexenta storage units.

"The IO/s have been phenomenal," said Nair. "We didn't need to buy one of the high-end SSD systems because Nexenta was experimenting with SSD as well; their engineering team was instrumental in helping us build out our SSD."

Revionics realized benefits from their NexentaStor integration, achieving performance levels at scale and a calculated $120,000 in savings, all without any transition time or inconvenience to their IT team. Revionics' customers are also realizing benefits of the Nexenta integration. NexentaStor allows the Revionics IT team to turn up the performance, as needed, when configuring customer systems and to remain competitive in pricing, thanks in part to the cost savings.

"If we hadn't selected Nexenta, with the same $135,000 we spent, we would have only been able to buy half the storage, which would have potentially diminished our business scalability," said Nair.

"As complex technologies such as SaaS and predictive analytics continue to advance, companies are forced to meet the demands of unprecedented data growth, which legacy storage solutions cannot support," said Tarkan Maner, chairman and CEO, Nexenta. "We worked with the Revionics team to configure a system that could support their customers' robust systems with the flexibility to scale as their data and customer volumes continue to grow."

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