Loïc Vienne CIO, Datto

Emily Glass customer experience officer
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.12.08

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Datto, Inc. announced that Loïc Vienne has joined the executive team as CIO, and Emily Glass, former VP of customer experience at Datto, has been appointed customer experience officer.

The new roles reflect ongoing investment in its customer relationships as well as the company's global growth and expansion.

Austin McChord, CEO and founder, said: "Loïc and Emily are standout executives who understand the commitment it takes for us to sustain our most important relationship - the one we have with our customers. At the same time, our growth as a company requires their leadership and experience, as we continue to expand on all fronts globally."

Datto, vienneLoïc Vienne has a long track record of technology leadership, having grown global organizations and led digital transformations for more than 20 years. He has enabled business transformation through technology for Fortune 500 companies and major consulting firms within enterprise and consumer markets. Previously, he served as VP of enterprise systems at Weight Watchers and director of CRM applications, Pitney Bowes.

"Austin is a visionary leader, and he and his seasoned management team and board have created an incredible company that is providing critical technology solutions to MSPs around the world," said Vienne. "Datto knows that leveraging technology is a key growth enabler. I am here to create a platform that allows the company to scale seamlessly, and continue to accelerate and outpace the industry with its innovative approach to security and data protection."

Datto ,glassAs VP of customer experience at Datto, Emily Glass built the company's partner experience into the competitive asset it is today. Her role at Datto will expand to customer experience officer, managing customer touch points from product assembly to training and support to logistics. She will continue to ensure that quality, consistency, efficiency, and reliability remain the manufacturing operations and customer engagement, now and in the future.

"An exceptional partner experience is a critical differentiator for us," said Glass. "As Datto reaches a tipping point for scaling and optimizing processes, we're looking to further enhance customer support by being proactive and anticipating the needs of our partners. As part of the executive team, my priority is to deliver every customer an amazing end-to-end experience."