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DriveSavers Offering Free Data Recovery to Victims of Sevier County, TN Fires

Who have lost data as result of devastating fires raging through area.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.12.06

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DriveSavers, Inc., in data recovery, eDiscovery and digital forensic solutions, will provide free and discounted data recovery services to Sevier County, TN residents who have lost data as a result of the devastating fires raging through the area.


The free service is available for the first twenty fire-related recoveries of damaged HDDs, SSDs, smartphones, tablets and multi-disk devices such as RAID, NAS and SAN devices, up to $2,700 per data recovery job. All other jobs received by the company from the Sevier County fires will receive a $300 discount per recovery through December 31, 2016.

"By recovering lost data, we hope to help those impacted to regain a sense of normalcy," said DriveSavers president Scott Moyer. "Over the last thirty years, DriveSavers has recovered photos, videos, contact lists, financial records and other irreplaceable data stored on devices damaged by wildfires and other disasters."

If you have a smoke- or fire-damaged computer, smartphone or tablet, do not attempt to power it up or clean the device. If a computer is wet from fire hoses, remove the drive, place in a plastic bag with an airtight zip closure and contact a professional data recovery service such as DriveSavers.

DriveSavers is coordinating relief efforts with partners in and around the area. Those affected by the wildfires can visit local computer service providers that are partnered with DriveSavers to receive free or discounted data recovery services through December 31, 2016. They can also receive this discount by contacting the company at 800.440.1904.