IBM Integrated Support Services

For high availability of IBM Power Systems and Storage
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.12.05

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IBM Integrated Support Services offerings help to ensure high availability for IBM Power Systems and Storage products
(IBM Asia Pacific Services Announcement AS16-0020)

IBM Integrated Support Services basic care, essential care, and premier care for IBM Power Systems and Storage products offer the option to upgrade the level of service and extend support beyond the base warranty term.

They provide a complete solution of enhanced and proactive hardware and software support services.

These offerings are designed to provide convenience and ease, and to help to procure the right level of support services for your environment when you purchase the product.

Through selected IBM Integrated Support Services you can have access to reactive support and proactive support that assists with managing your IBM Power Systems and Storage products, helping to ensure high product availability. With faster access to IBM specialists, you can expedite issue resolution and optimize IT staff efficiency. It is suitable for users of all sizes, from individual consumers to large corporations.

Integrated Support Services will come in three different options:

  • Basic care services will provide the base level of support you need for all your devices.
  • Essential care services provide enhanced response times and a dedicated team that knows your environment and will help you keep your systems up and running and respond quickly when you do have outages.
  • Premier care services expand the level of support provided by essential care by adding proactive support services that are designed to help to prevent outages from happening.

Planned availability date: November 29, 2016