IT Press Tour #21 Back in California

Cohesity, Datos IO, DDN Storage, Igneous, MemoSale, Minio, NEC, Open vStorage, Primary Data, Quantum and Rubrik to connect with European Press in December 2016
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.11.16

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The IT Press Tour, a media event launched in June 2010, unveiled participating companies for the 21st edition scheduled from December 5 to 9 in the Silicon Valley. This edition is dedicated to IT infrastructure.

Eleven companies will be met and visited by a group of European professional journalists during this edition: Cohesity, Datos IO, DDN, Igneous, MemoScale, Minio, NEC, Open vStorage, Primary Data, Quantum and Rubrik.

"We've just finished a fantastic edition in Israel with top data storage and services companies and we’re very proud of the success of The IT Press Tour. The tour is recognized as a must do event for companies having demonstrated real value, effect and impact", said Celine Coustaut, owner, The IT Press Tour. "The tour has boosted visibility for companies that were confidential and has participated to their market image boost. So far the tour has generated more than 5,700 articles and with the coming December edition, we’ll beat a new record with 154 companies and 228 sessions."