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Cloudian Integrating With Google Cloud Storage Coldline

For long-term, low-latency archival storage

Cloudian, Inc., a provider of hybrid cloud object storage systems, announced integration with the new Google Cloud Storage Coldline, a service designed for long-term cloud archival storage service.

Cloudian storage systems facilitate hybrid cloud storage with Coldline, allowing both on-premises and archival storage to be managed as a single storage pool. Coldline is a storage archive designed for long-term, minimal-access data, with no compromise on latency – 99% SLA – or availability.

Enterprise customers need simple, low-cost and easy-to-manage options for their ever-mounting volumes of unstructured data. Our support of Google Cloud Storage Coldline allows those customers to take advantage of Google’s new storage offering for a true hybrid cloud solution,” said Michael Tso, CEO and co-founder, Cloudian. “With Coldline compatibility, our customers can access a single pool of data that spans on-premises storage and the Google Cloud Storage Coldline archive, while retaining the metadata on-premises for easy data discoverability.

With Cloudian HyperStore, customers can create a hybrid storage environment for rapid data access and nearly instantaneous search. Users store and retrieve data from the Cloudian system on-premises, while applying policies for automatic data migration to Google Cloud Storage Coldline. When data is migrated, metadata is retained within the Cloudian system, allowing Coldline stored data to be searched locally to accelerate data discovery. Administrators manage all their data, whether on-premises or in the cloud, as a single storage pool.

Cloudian offers a Coldline API via its HyperStore platform, and guarantees interoperability with all Amazon S3-enabled applications offered by vendors such as Adobe, Computer Associates, Commvault, Citrix, IBM, Veritas, Red Hat. This distinction ensures investment protection for developers and for data centre managers. HyperStore can scale from three nodes to hundreds, allowing systems to be right-sized for any application or organisational need, and is available as an appliance or as stand-alone software for commodity hardware.