Impress Group Deployed Zadara Storage

To support growing VMware environment
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.11.02

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Zadara Storage Ltd, in enterprise storage-as-a-service (STaaS) announced that the Impress Group Ltd has replaced their traditional storage arrays with the scalable Zadara VPSA Storage Array to support their growing demand for performance shared storage.

Impress Group

By working with Zadara partner CDC, the Impress Group has architected a storage infrastructure that eliminates prior performance and scalability limitations.

The Impress Group is a media group, consisting of a holding company, Impress Holdings, Inc., and 12 operating companies. The company's storage infrastructure was based on servers with local disk storage and traditional NFS-based shared storage. As the company grew, they recognized they had limitations with performance, scalability and manageability. The group worked with their technology partner CDC to find a solution that would enable the company to scale and support their growing demand for VMware storage resources.

After reviewing a variety of isolutions, the company chose the Zadara VPSA Storage Array to support their growing VMware storage needs.

"The Zadara Storage VPSA provides HA using complete redundancy and non-disruptive failover," said Tokuyuki Yokota, engineer, Impress, professional works. "The VPSA also leverages industry-leading I/O technologies such as iSER and high-speed SSD caching to optimize VMware performance. We were extremely impressed with the overall performance. Finally, the centralized management capabilities made the solution an easy decision for us. We have been able to address all of our immediate and future requirements - all while reducing administrative and operating costs."

"At CDC, our goal is to combine best of breed technology to create unique solutions for our customers," said Yuki Sakamoto, VP, CDC. "We were pleased to be able to provide the Zadara Storage VPSA architecture to the Impress Group. The Zadara Storage VPSA was the perfect solution to address their challenging storage requirements."

"The Impress Group is an excellent example of a customer who experienced the limitations of traditional storage and were able to remove those obstacles by deploying Zadara Storage," said Dani Naor, VP, international sales, Zadara. "By properly aligning their storage resources, the Impress Group is now enabling, rather than inhibiting, growth."