FalconStor FreeStor for Hybrid Cloud

Enabling enterprises and CSPs to utilize block-based enterprise storage within hybrid model at public cloud prices
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.10.25

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FalconStor Software Inc. announced FreeStor for the hybrid cloud.

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Building on its heterogeneous storage platform, it has enabled enterprises and cloud service providers (CSPs) to utilize the performance and reliability benefits of block-based enterprise storage within a hybrid model at public cloud prices.

"The data center for enterprises and CSPs is facing many challenges. Costs are out of control, moving data is becoming costlier and users require common tools to avoid vendor lock-in," said Roy Illsley, principal analyst, Ovum. "A new flexible approach is needed. Organizations need to have the freedom to choose the most appropriate storage platform that meets their pricing and performance level needs, whether that is on- premises, in the cloud or both (using a hybrid model). The new functionality that has been incorporated into FreeStor, offers users the ability to intelligently create a hybrid cloud that few other vendors can match."

Benefits of FreeStor's approach to flexible data management include:

  • Simple, fair pricing - organizations only pay for licensing of their primary instance of data, not the total amount of storage consumed.

  • Cloud enablement - enable users to add public cloud storage in order to create a hybrid solution that can be managed through a single pane of glass.

  • Secure multi-tenancy - integration with Active Directory or LDAP for authorization, access and audit compliance providing trustworthy security at all levels of an organization's installation.

  • Enhanced analytics - enabling core-to-edge decision-making abilities while providing information for proactive management of SLAs.

  • Unified client management - overcome business disruption with easy, templated agent deployment, simplified configuration and updates, and intelligent analytics from core-to-edge.

  • Performance optimization - Improved support for NVMe unlocking new levels of I/O and latency. The addition of Linux 7 compliance together with  patented application acceleration, workload portability both on-premises and in the cloud, and faster zero-downtime configurations.

"Storage is a vital component of any cloud infrastructure whether it's private, public or hybrid. All organizations, including CSPs, need to unlock on-premises enterprise storage to support their cloud journey and create the data centers of the future," said Gary Quinn, president and CEO, FalconStor. "The launch of FreeStor for the hybrid cloud combines simple, more fair pricing models, flexible management tools, analytics and unrivaled performance to build out cloud storage infrastructures. These enhancements will enable IT to migrate and move workloads to the most cost-effective destination and ultimately achieve the goals of the business."

"FreeStor just works. Without it we would have struggled. It gives me the confidence to get things done. When something happens, FalconStor's solution fixes the problem quickly and efficiently. To protect our customers, we always have three online copies of their data, this is only possible because with FreeStor we only have to pay for the primary copy, there are no fees for the second, third or more copies" said Brian Meredith, MD, BlueChip Group.

"FreeStor helps us to provide infrastructure services that support our business to provide the highest levels of availability and data security. It allows us to support the business by driving faster and lower-cost launches of new products and services." said Sandor Orban, technical lead infrastructure services, Sunrise Communications AG.

"FreeStor is the first real entry, in my opinion, into the service provider realm FreeStor is an integral part of the Xterity brand, it's the only DR solution we offer. We feel that it's a unique fit and allows us to address a unique market need." said Scott Harris, VP, services, Egenera, Inc.

"FreeStor is a storage solution for a hybrid world" said Lynda Stadtmueller, VP, cloud services, Frost & Sullivan, Inc.

FreeStor for the cloud is available through company's PartnerChoice resellers as well as direct.