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Pure Storage Achieves Industry-Best Satmetrix Certified Net Promoter Score of 83.5

Increasing NPS, ranks among top one percent among all business-to-business brands
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.10.17

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Pure Storage, Inc. announced that its Satmetrix-audited Net Promoter Score (NPS) has increased to 83.5.

The improved score is a reflection of the company's dedicated focus on building a storage business based on customer success, and ranks among the top one percent of Satmetrix audited scores across consumer and enterprise businesses.

"Over the 15 years we have been benchmarking NPS, across multiple industries and geographies, it is rare to see consumer companies, let alone business-to-business vendors, achieve scores higher than 75," said Richard Owen, CEO, Satmetrix. "Based on our data, Pure is firmly within the top one percent of business-to-business companies for NPS performance."

In addition to its overall standing among B2B hardware vendors, Pure's score of 83.5 registers higher than popular consumer technology brands and products such as the Tesla (81) and the Apple iPhone (63). Among hardware technology vendors, Pure ranks more than 65 points above the industry average of 16.

"For our Net Promoter Score to increase through a year of massive growth for Pure Storage is a true indicator that a customer-first approach has been thoughtfully and permanently built into our company DNA," said Scott Dietzen, CEO, Pure Storage.

In addition to the release of FlashBlade, Pure's second product and optimized for unstructured workloads, the company also introduced the expansion of its Evergreen Storage program to enable customers to take advantage of the density and scale evolution of flash as a media. The new capacity consolidation offering and right-size guarantee give customers investment protection while making upgrades fast and painless.

"Six years ago, we set out to change the way storage is built, bought and managed, with the intention of creating Efficient, Effortless, Evergreen storage that customers truly love. As our exceptional NPS demonstrates, we re-dedicate ourselves to that effort daily, in everything we do," said Dietzen. "We do it with our channel-first approach. We do it by introducing true innovations like Evergreen Storage, which goes beyond the expectation of basic maintenance and has eliminated painful upgrade and refresh cycles for our customers. And we do it with predictive support that means if you ever have a problem, it's already being addressed by Pure engineers."

Faced with an under-performing storage infrastructure and aging systems due for replacement, Drexel University was faced with the imminent prospect of a painful refresh cycle. With Pure, Drexel was able to leverage Evergreen Storage to provide long-term budget certainty, eliminate the need for forklift upgrades and reduced the demands on the University's minimal IT staff.

"We have been in business for a long time, and during that time, the universally accepted reality has been that storage migrations are always painful for the customer and beneficial to the vendor. And while there will always be a need for on-premises hardware, the appetite for the headaches that typically come along with it is diminishing rapidly," said Thomas DeChiaro, VP and CIO, Drexel University. "Pure Storage gets the formula right - a customer-first approach to address specific customer pain points to essentially deliver physical storage with cloud-like simplicity."

Pur believes that its NPS is as important a differentiator of its technology - and that the two represent a self-sustaining ecosystem purpose built to facilitate customer happiness.

"Pure Storage has always differentiated itself from competitors by the quality of the customer experience it brings to the table, and the company's focus on this is driving positive change around customer expectations throughout the storage industry," said Eric Burgener, research director for Flash Storage, IDC. "It is impressive that, as Pure Storage has continued to grow revenues well past half a billion dollars annually, it has in fact improved its satisfaction rating among customers - which now differentiates them even further from legacy storage providers."