Start-Up Profile: Igneous

Infrastructure-as-a-Service for data you can't or won't move to cloud
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2016.10.11

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Igneous Systems, Inc.

Seattle, WA

Date founded
October 2013, just out of sleath mode

Financial funding
$26.7 million raised from Madrona Venture Group, New Enterprise Associates, Redpoint Ventures, and individual investors including Isilon co-founder and CEO Sujal Patel, getting $3 million in 2013 and $23.6 million series A in 2014

Main executives

  • igneous,Bhagesphur derKiran Bhagesphur, CEO and co-founder - has more than 20 years experience in enterprise technology, the last six of which he spent in engineering leadership roles at Isilon. Most recently, he served as the VP of engineering at EMC where he spearheaded all aspects of product development in the Isilon storage division.

  • Jeff Hughes, CTO and co-founder - former director, engineering, Isilon storage division of EMC
  • Byron Rakitzis, architect and co-founder - first non-founding employee of NetApp
  • Asif Daud, VP engineering - former director of engineering, Isilon storage division of EMC
  • Steve Pao, CMO - former SVP and GM of security business at Barracuda Networks
  • Christian Smith, VP products - former field engineering leadership at NetApp, Isilon, and EMC
  • Marc Tanguay, VP strategic sales - former strategic sales leadership at NetApp, Isilon, and EMC

Number of employees
Igneous customers have a common problem, which was managing data that they can't or won't send to the cloud:

  • They can't because the data sizes are so large and they could not afford the latency of Internet  speeds.
  • They won't because they view their data as proprietary and a core part of the IP their  companies are built on.

At the core of the offering is a technology platform designed with four main benefits:

  • separate on-premises data plane with a cloud management plane designed for remote management at hyper scale
  • RatioPerfect architecture which provides ARM-based CPU and Ethernet to every drive, both to eliminate I/O bottlenecks and to minimize the size of failure domains
  • Extensible data path to enable the platform to extend beyond storage to higher level functions (to be announced) without affecting latency
  • Cloud services architecture to enable insertion into modern data workflows

Igneous has been granted 11 patents in the US to date.

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igneous f2

RadioPerfect - Designed for Scale
igneous f3

The solution consists of three components:

  • An on premises appliance (or set of appliances) where the data lives
  • A cloud service where systems can be remotely managed and monitored
  • utomated cloud management that ensures that customers do not need to worry about upgrades, trouble shooting  or failure management

Products description
It provides cloud infrastructure for data you can't or won't move off-premises. The service includes installation of on-premises equipment owned and managed by the company, and it offers API-driven and automated access to the types of cloud-native services with public cloud infrastructure.
The first product, the Igneous Data Service, is an on-premises content store for large, unstructured data sets offered as a pay as you go, zero-touch solution.
Released date
October 11, 2016

Price range
Pricing starts at under $40,000 per year at 212TB increments (i.e., equates to under $200/TB/year, or approximately 1.5 cents/GB/month of installed capacity)
Selling through IT reseller partners
Large, unstructured data sets; machine-generated data (IoT); log management; consolidated archives; backup targets; integration with other applications supporting S3 API for object storage

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