20th Edition of IT Press Tour in Israel

Companies visited: Ctera Networks, iguazio, Infinidat, Kaminario, NooBaa, Reduxio, Weka.IO
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.09.29

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The IT Press Tour, an event for Europan IT press launched in June 2010, announced that its 20th edition will be coming to Israel from November 5 to 9.

The participating companies joining the tour are: Ctera Networks, iguazio, Infinidat, Kaminario, NooBaa, Reduxio and Weka.IO.

This tour is a special edition dedicated to the visit of R&D centers and meetings with engineering teams to understand and learn what will be the future of storage and services.

"The November edition will be a first for us as the press group will visit Israel for the first time and meet several key industry influencers who have proven their impact on the market, as well as innovative start-ups that are changing the market. This edition will help our followers and readers understand some of the tech innovations in the high-tech market in Israel and meet the people behind them. With this event, we are proud to say that we reached 149 participating companies and 217 sessions since June 2010," said Celine Coustaut, owner, The IT Press Tour.

"Ctera is very excited to host the ITPT team this year. We look forward to sharing the story of our breakout success and all of the exciting news about CTERA's biggest year ever," said Jeff Denworth, SVP marketing, Ctera Networks, Ltd.

"iguazio is excited and proud to be participating in the IT Press Tour's special Israeli edition," said iguazio's CEO and co-founder Asaf Somekh. "The timing is perfect for us as we've recently launched our product and EMEA is a key market for iguazio, so we're actively exploring unique opportunities to engage with European companies involved in big data, the IoT and cloud-native applications."

"The IT Press Tour has proven to be an invaluable program for driving awareness in the market by enabling companies to directly engage with a number of Europe's leading IT journalists," said Randy Arseneau, CMO, Infinidat, Ltd. "Technology expertise is global and Infinidat is honored to be hosting the tour at our development facility in Israel and showcasing our highly disruptive storage platform, InfiniBox."

"The IT Press Tour is a valuable platform for start-ups and growing companies to share their stories with European journalists," said Parna Sarkar-Basu, head of global brand and buzz marketing, Kaminario Technologies, Ltd. "This tour has been integral to growing Kaminario's global brand awareness and we are looking forward to hosting the influencers in our Israel office."

"Even with amazing new technology, creating customer awareness in a crowded market like storage can be challenging. So having the chance to get our CTO in front of Europe's most influential IT press is an amazing opportunity, giving the community the chance to really understand how the technology is being applied," said Mike Davis, CMO, NooBaa, Inc.

"We are very excited to host the IT Press Tour," said Mark Weiner, CEO, Reduxio Systems Ltd. "Our recent wins in major accounts in Europe is a validation of our unique value and a proof point of our commitment to the region. The IT Press Tour is a great opportunity for us to get our message out in Europe and the broader world market. This leading team of active journalists has built online publications that together are a key source of information for millions of IT buyers. We look forward to the event and future ones to come."

"Weka.IO is new entrant in the software defined-storage space and we are pleased to have an opportunity to share our story through the IT Press Tour. With CAGRs in excess of 30% the storage software space is hot right now. We look forward to leveraging this highly visible forum to enhance our visibility in the market," said Barbara Murphy, VP marketing, Weka.IO LTD.