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BVQ Storage Optimization Solution by SVA Software

Delivers dynamic infrastructure performance optimizer for improved data center efficiency.  
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SVA Software, Inc. announced BVQ an infrastructure performance optimization platform that simplifies the management of virtualized data center operations.

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SVA_BVQ_1BVQ empowers companies to realize higher utilization of existing infrastructure assets with the ability to visualize the entire data center performance and use in a single, easy-to-use interface. 

According to IDC, organizations are entering an era where billions of users utilizing millions of applications will generate enormous amounts of information and content while creating demand for new services and experiences. As a result, IDC expects the size of the digital universe to expand to 44 zettabytes of data by 2020, reinforcing the need for storage and storage optimization technologies.

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"Today's IT environments are more complex than ever, making infrastructure performance management difficult and expensive," said Deni Connor, founding analyst, Storage Strategies Now. "By delivering a single solution to empower better decision making and lower resource and asset costs, SVA Software enables efficient infrastructure control which in turn improves QoS, optimizes resource usage and controls cost. Its BVQ solution may just be the answer to today's complex infrastructure challenge."

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BVQ works to transform storage data into answers. Using proactive monitoring, it continuously collects insightful data for on-demand and scheduled analysis, ensuring that the environment is always running at peak efficiency. Predictive alerting eliminates outages and guarantees infrastructure stability. By aligning with environment policy, BVQ also guarantees that SLAs are aligned with business requirements.

BVQ benefits include:

  • Infrastructure optimization - provides deep visibility into the performance, utilization and health of IBM virtualized infrastructure

  • Proactive monitoring - monitors infrastructure to identify issues before they occur

  • Business insights - delivers operational intelligence from the SVC performance data for more informed business decisions

  • Cost optimization - drives the highest storage performance, at the lowest cost and risk, by aligning business requirements with correct assets

"With BVQ, we've put all critical IT data source details together into one insightful, dynamic dashboard to power strategic decision making," said Don Mead, SVP, technology and partner development, SVA Software. "Providing insights into the performance and availability of infrastructure components across physical, virtual and cloud environments, BVQ provides a comprehensive picture - at a glance - of IT infrastructure health. By helping to balance capabilities and utilization it ensures all storage is optimized for both performance and availability so pre-defined SLAs can be met with ease."

BVQ is an sophisticated and comprehensive performance and capacity monitoring and analysis software for IBM Corp.'s Spectrum Virtualize family - IBM SVC, IBM FlashSystems, Storwize, VersaStack - and all existing and new heterogeneous storage. It can be deployed in multiple ways: as a local software implementation, as a service or as an affordable subscription-based offering through certified firm's partners.