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Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Project Plugfest on September 20 in Santa Clara, CA

With EMC, OpenIO, Open vStorage, Scality and Toshiba
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The Kinetic Open Storage Project, the open source project dedicated to creating an open standard for Ethernet-enabled, key/value kinetic devices, will hold a plugfest on Tuesday, September 20 to demo and discuss advances in Ethernet-connected storage.

Kinetic Open Storage platform
Seagate Kinetic

Storage solution developers, analysts and consumers are invited to attend the plugfest, which will be co-located with the Storage Developer Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, CA.

Over the past decade, the growth of large-scale, data-driven applications has shifted the nature of enterprise storage infrastructure. The traditional paradigm of hardware-centric, file-based systems is moving aside to make way for new software-defined, object-based approaches.

In a Kinetic storage architecture, Ethernet - the fabric of data centers and application traffic - also forms the backbone of the storage infrastructure.

The combination of these factors mandates a redefinition of storage devices, interfaces and full stack architectures.

The Kinetic Open Storage Project was formed to help drive this transformation by creating an open source standard for accessing kinetic drives.

The Kinetic Storage Solutions Plugfest will demo a series of solution demonstrations and presentations from OpenIO, Open vStorage and Scality.

Members of the Kinetic Open Storage Project will also host a three-day hackathonn at the Holberton School in San Francisco, CA from October 21-23. Competitors will write a Scality S3 Server to a Seagate Kinetic backend, including using an erasure coding library and writing a data placement algorithm.

Kinetic Open Storage Project
The Linux Foundation project is dedicated to creating an open standard around Ethernet-enabled, key/value kinetic devices. The architecture is inspired by the scale-out data center in which Ethernet and Linux are ubiquitous, open source software reduces barriers to entry, and hardware is becoming commoditized. Project members include Cisco, Cleversafe, Dell, Digital Sense, EMC, Exablox, Huawei, NetApp, OpenIO, Red Hat, Scality, Seagate, SwiftStack, Toshiba and Western Digital.

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Founding members: Cisco, Cleversafe, Dell, Digital Sense, Huawei, NetApp, Open vStorage, Red Hat, Scality, Seagate, SwiftStack, Toshiba, WD
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