4,600 Attendees at Recent Flash Memory Summit

Up 13% Y/Y
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.09.19

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The Flash Memory Summit (FMS) reported that 2016 registration increased 10% to almost 5,800.

Actual attendance jumped 13% to over 4,600 year-over-year. FMS is now the world's largest storage conference with over 100 exhibitors and sponsors.

Many keynotes drew over 1,500 attendees and multiple sessions drew well over 100.

As one exhibitor put it, "The high quality visitors who stopped by our booth came from major Silicon Valley companies (and beyond) including Apple, Cisco, Intel, SK Hynix, Marvell Semiconductor, Toshiba and Western Digital."

Conference visitors from other major companies interested in enterprise storage included Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu, Brocade, Daimler, Facebook, Google, Jaguar Land Rover, NASA Ames Research Center, Northrup Grumman, Uber, and Wells Fargo.

The summit also received widespread media attention with articles in CTimes (China), Electronic Design, Forbes, eWeek, PC World, and Tom's Hardware.

Products of significant interest included SSDs, NV-DIMM, flash chips, flash controllers, flash-based storage systems, new non-volatile technologies, and all-flash arrays.

Special conference features included keynotes by speakers from Facebook, Micron, Samsung, SanDisk, Toshiba, Marvell, SK Hynix, Huawei, Seagate, Microsemi, EMC, Nimbus Data, Crossbar, and Mangstor.

Other well-attended sessions included annual updates, market research insight, performance testing results, and a VC Forum.

Session materials and conference proceedings are freely available.

Our Comments

FMS figures Y/Y

Year Total registration Y/Y Growth Sponsors/
2006 675 NA 16
2007 1,046 55% 26
2008 1,297 24% 32
2009 1,319 2% 38
2010 1,976 50% 66
2011 2,268 15% 70
2012 3,437 52% 79
2013 4,599 34% 102
2014 4,954 8% 108
2015 5,259 6% 110
2016 ≈5,900 12% 115
2016 registrations in this press release almost 5,800 10% over 100
2016 attendees
in this press release
13% over 100

This table was filled with the official figures that we got from the organization just after the show. We have added at the end two lines with the new figures coming from this press release.

There is a surprising gap (21%) between the number of registered people (5,800) and the number of attendeed (4,600).

Nevertheless we agree that FMS is the largest public show on storage in the world.

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