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Nimbus Data Partners With SK Hynix

For NAND flash

Nimbus Data Systems, Inc., developer of ExaFlash, a flash memory platform for cloud infrastructure and big data, announced a supply and technology alliance with SK Hynix, Inc., a supplier of NAND flash.

ExaFlash is the most scalable all-flash array ever conceived, incorporating up to 276,480 NAND dies, or 4.5PB of raw flash memory, in one fully-redundant system,” stated Thomas Isakovich, CEO and founder, Nimbus Data. “Our alliance with SK Hynix on NAND flash supply ensures that we can meet the needs of our Tier 1 customers, including leading Web properties, media/entertainment companies, and service providers, with the highest capacity, greatest energy efficiency, and lowest cost per GB.

The ExaFlash platform offers virtually infinite on-demand scalability, 95% lower energy consumption, multi-protocol support, and over 50x greater rack density, all at less than half the cost of competing approaches. At the high end, the ExaFlash D-series incorporates 4.5PB in a redundant 4U form factor, a configuration that would require over 250 U (62x more rack space) with competing scale-out all-flash arrays.

Our strategic partnership with Nimbus Data will help accelerate flash adoption as a true cost-comparable capacity-superior replacement of traditional HDD-based arrays,” stated YR Kim, VP, SK Hynix. “We are delighted to partner with Nimbus Data’s innovative team to further push the envelope of all-flash scalability, energy efficiency, and data center density, the three factors most critical in reshaping tomorrow’s data center.