Storage Start-Up Fadu Out of Stealh Mode

With EC800F PCIe SSD, sequential R/W at 5GB/s, 3.2TB
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2016.08.16

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Based in Seoul, Korea, storage start-up FADU Inc., founded in 2015 and a 10-people company, makes its debut at Flash Memory Summit 2016.

CEO is EyeeHyun Nam and the three founders, including Jihyo Lee, are "computing architects" coming from "academy."

The firm is involved in enterprise SSD only and was be exhibiting at FMS its first SSD product, the FREE EC800F, using 2D MLC chips from Hynix, and claimed to be "the world fastest SSD." The commercial version will be available next year.


faduFREE stands for 'Fast', 'Random access', 'Energy efficiency' and 'Economics', represents the values that FADU wants to deliver through its products.

The EC800F, the first product of FREE series, is a SSD, with up to 5GB/s of sequential read throughput and sequential write performance provided via the PCIe 3.0 x8 connection with NVMe 1.2 protocol.

Random read performance peaks at 1,100,000 IO/s, and it also offers a sustained 4KB random write performance of 500,000 IO/S. 4K random latency is 104μs for read and 8μs for write. Reliability is stated at 3 DWPD.

The company claims to have the "world's fastest SSD" with this EC800F.

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This performance is achieved by a single FPGA controller based on a new architecture designed and developed by the company that stated: "In the enterprise NVMe SSD market, it is easy to find that high-performance NVMe SSDs have multiple FPGA or ASIC controllers. It's because each single controller can't reach the desired level of performance. To overcome this performance hurdle, FADU started to design and develop since its foundation a new architecture from the group up instead of improving bit by bit within the legacy architecture. The EC800F is the first and noticeable result of this efforts."

Roadmap includes to enter in other SSD form factors with 3D MLC or TLC: ASIC, U.E, U.2 and M.2.