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2550100 Alliance Hosting NVME Solutions Lab at FMS

With 24 vendors

The 2550100 Alliance, a group of companies working together to bring solutions to market based on emerging 25, 50 and 100GbE technology, is hosting the NVME Solutions Lab at Flash Memory Summit.

Over 4,000 attendees will experience a range of new server, storage and networking products with NVMe inside. Twenty-four companies will be exhibiting in the Solutions Lab with a products including SSD controllers, SSDs, PCIe cards, RDMA NICs, servers with NVMe SSD inside, and all flash arrays connected via NVMe FC and Ethernet fabrics.
The non-volatile storage industry is at a major technology inflection point which is leading to a new generation of NVMe-based storage products,” said Frank Berry, CEO and senior analyst, IT Brand Pulse.  “The premier flash memory event of the year will be highlighted by the NVMe Solutions lab where attendees will be able to see and touch 24 examples of the new technology.
Select NVMe Solutions Lab Exhibitors
A3 Cube, Aclectic Systems Inc., Broadcom, Chelsio, Envemio, HPE, Huawei, Intel, Kaminario, Mangstor, Mellanox, Memblaze, Lite-On Storage, Red Hat, Samsung, Seagate, Silicon Motion, Super Micro Computer, Inc., QLogic, Teledyne LeCroy, Microsemi, Micron Technology, and One Stop Systems.

NVMe Solutions Lab Exhibits

  • Broadcom Limited: Emulex FC HBAs by Broadcom are at the forefront of end-to-end NVMe solutions for Enterprise datacenters with the release of the new NVMe over FC solution that is sampling today. Broadcom provides NVMe technology for components in the datacenter, from SSDs to NVM over fabrics.  Broadcom is a partner of major cloud providers and OEMs that build storage and networking solutions, and as the adoption of NVM storage grows across the data center, Broadcom will continue to develop and provide NVMe products. Broadcom offers a portfolio of NVMe products including: 1) NVMe controllers that have greater than 50% market share; 2) the first NVMe/SAS/SATA controllers, RAID, and HBA adapters; 3) PCIe switching; 4) NVMe server/JBOF management software; 5) PCIe switches; 6) RoCE solutions, and 7) NVMe over FC.
  • Chelsio Communications, Inc.: iWARP RDMA provides a plug-and-play NMVe over fabric solution for connecting high performance SSDs over a scalable, congestion controlled and traffic managed fabric, with no special configuration needed. The company will also be displaying T520-CR and T580-CR adapters which enables concurrent support of NVMe over RDMA Fabrics and networked block and file storage.
  • Envemio: It will be providing a preview of its Ethernet modules for NVMe-enabled drive bays in NVMe-capable servers. The advantage of this approach is that it allows servers to provide front-panel I/O for a variety of vertical markets and technology segments that require expanded networking capabilities including IoT, storage, cloud, telco/NFV, hyperconvergence, embedded, defense, oil and gas.
  • Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.: ES3000 V3, high performance NVMe PCIE-SSD card and drive.
  • Kaminario Technologies, Ltd: The Kaminario K2 all flash array is a software defined architecture combined with integrated hardware platform to deliver agility, scalability, cost efficiency, and simplicity. The K2 architecture is designed for flexibility and will extend to support NVMe shelves when the technology becomes enterprise ready.
  • Lite-On Storage: EP2 NVMe M.2 PCIe and EP2 U.2 NVMe SSD.
  • Mangstor, Inc.: Mangstor’s NX6320 storage array will be demonstrated live in IT Brand Pulse’s NVMe SolutionsFest Lab, providing FMS attendees the opportunity to see NVMe products running live under a series of test suites. The NX-Series NVMe over Fabric (NVMf) storage array use RDMA network access to bring the low latency benefits of NVMe to a shared storage environment enabling flash memory acceleration to be deployed centrally for multiple server access. The NX6320 are compliant to the newly ratified NVMf spec and last year’s Best of Show winner at FMS as ‘the most innovative flash memory technology.’ Mangstor arrays appear to host systems as DAS and scale linearly as arrays are added delivering leading bandwidth and IO/s at extremely low and consistent latencies and rated ‘the best performance in shared storage’ by StorageReview.com.
  • Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. and Micron Technology, Inc.: NVMe over Fabrics (NVMf) demonstration showing heterogeneous NVMf clients connecting to the same NVMf storage target.
  • One Stop Systems, Inc.: The high-performance, enterprise FSAn-4 and the field-ready FSAn-4R provide performance for applications such as real-time HPC, analytics, big data and high speed data recording.  The FSAn-4 is used in the datacenter for accelerating high-performance databases, Hadoop clusters and HPC applications with large data sets. The FSAn-4R rugged version is deployed in broadcast trucks, ground stations and surveillance aircraft. The FSAn-4 family provides a quantum leap in performance an application flexibility because it uses high performance PCIe NVMe flash instead with up to PCIe 3.0 x8 lanes for double the 2.5″ NVMe bandwidth, while allowing all of the advantages of 2.5″ drives, such as hot swap and front loading.
  • Red Hat, Inc.: It will showcase how Red Hat Ceph Storage can enable multiple MySQL and MariaDB database workloads over NVMe SSDs within an OpenStack environment. Ceph has emerged as the preferred block storage for OpenStack cloud deployments for scale out, open source capacity-oriented workloads. Collaborating with Percona LLC, in optimizing open source database environments, Red Hat will also demonstrate how Ceph Storage is differentiated in these high IO/s workloads.
  • Seagate Technology plc: It will be demonstrating its portfolio of NVMe SSDs.
  • Silicon Motion Technology Corporation: SM2260 PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe 1.2 SSD controller supporting 3D MLC and TLC NAND.
  • Super Micro Computer, Inc.: ULTRA Server Line featuring a 1U server with 10 NVMe drives, and a 2U server with 24 or 48 NVMe drives.
  • QLogic Corp./Cavium: The live end-to-end NVMe-oF with Ethernet demonstration showcases the benefits of its latest FastLinQ 25Gb Ethernet (25GbE) adapters with RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE).
  • Teledyne LeCroy, Inc.: Demo will show analysis of advanced protocols including NVMe and NVMe over Fabric.