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Flexstar Technology and Tanisys Technology Merging

To jointly operate as Neosem Technology
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Flexstar Technology, Inc. and Tanisys Technology, Inc. announces has combined operations and will jointly operate as Neosem Technology, Inc. effective immediately.

Neosem Inc. acquired Tanisys Technology in 2007 and Flexstar Technology in October, 2015.

The merger and name change is a consolidation of talent and resources in the US and underscores the increased collaboration with the parent company in Korea.

DH Yeom, CEO for Neosem, states: "We are merging the talents, intellectual property, and support staff, to solidify the collaborative relationship with our manufacturing capability in Korea. Our new name will reflect our firm commitment to offering innovative test solutions that go well beyond our current product offering. We are investing heavily in the future of our company, and as the industry leader in high performance test solutions for SSDs and flash memory storage, Neosem Technology will continue to be an early provider of the technologies that help drive thee new storage innovations."

Neosem's associates and customers are optimistic about the change as it reflects the growth of Neosem in recent years and also indicates a strategy for continued progress in the coming years.

"We are very excited about the introduction of the merger and our new company name. We believe the name Neosem Technology allows us to better represent our business as we introduce new products," said Mike Rogowski, COO, Neosem Technology. "Our goal is to enable the development of new SSD technologies and innovations. In response to customer demand, we continue to aggressively pursue that focused objective."

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