French University of Lorraine Chooses Storage Made Easy EFSS

For use with Red Hat Ceph storage
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.07.25

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Storage Made Easy (SME), a trading name of Vehera Ltd, announced the University of Lorraine in France has chosen their Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution for integration with Red Hat Ceph Storage, helping to bring the object capabilities of Ceph to the university's end users.

Storage Made Easy,University of Lorraine

Storage Made Easy enables a true file share and sync solution, an enterprise ready corporate drop box, which allows IT admin to provide secure cloud access, governance and compliance of Ceph data, allowing the university's end users to work with files stored on the object storage.

The unified infrastructure can be managed and can be used to set governance, audit and access controls on files, in addition to providing deep content search of indexed data from integration with the Apache Solr open source search solution.

Stéphane Dugravot, project leader at the infrastructure and services department, University of Lorraine, said: "Red Hat Ceph Storage is an astounding distributed file system. By enabling us to use our own storage in its traditional forms, block and file system, and less common, object storage, the University of Lorraine is now ready to face the challenges and changes currently disrupting the storage technologies industry."

"Based on today's Ceph object native layers, Librados, and previously on S3 object storage, Storage Made Easy is today the key tool that enables Ceph's power to reach our users' personal computers. Our first goal is to enable our researchers to find an easy, efficient and reliable way to store their files. The combination of Storage Made Easy and Red Hat Ceph storage gives us new perspectives far beyond the research field."

Jim Liddle, Storage Made Easy CEO, said: "Educational establishments have much in common with the Enterprise in that they are rapidly embracing Object Storage but require more than just archive and backup. The combination of Object with SME's enterprise file share and sync fabric provides a flexible and agile solution enhancing security issues and reducing the universities IT complexity and cost."

"Object storage solutions such as Red Hat Ceph Storage bring new levels of scalability and performance to petabyte-scale applications, and it is well-suited for enterprise sync and share", said Ben Cherian, director of partners, channel and alliances for storage and big data, Red Hat. "We are proud to collaborate with Storage Made Easy to bring the power and scale of object storage to researchers at the University of Lorraine."

Storage Made Easy is providing their collaboration and file sharing solution choice for universities and schools, non-profit organizations, direct corporate use, OEM and ISP.

The SME solution is also available on G-Cloud, which is an initiative targeted at easing procurement by public-sector bodies in departments of the UK Government.