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bluechip Storageline 52203s Server Certified for Open-E Storage Software VStorage

Open-E GmbH published the certification of the STORAGEline 52203s server by partner bluechip Computer AG from Germany with their data storage software Open-E DSS V7.

STORAGEline 52203s
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To provide best compatibility for end-customers, Open-E certifies storage servers of their partners on a regular basis. With the STORAGEline R52203s, a new server has met all criteria of Open-E’s testing standards. Not only was the storage system tested for general usage, but also as a high availability cluster. The result:DSS V7 is running smoothly and performs well on the STORAGEline R52203s.

With the STORAGEline R52203s, bluechip offers a system that can be tailored to customer needs and delivers security for business-critical data, either in a highly available cluster setup, a NAS filer or a storage environment for databases. Integrating the system into an existing environment is equally easy as setting up a storage system for complex requirements and virtualization, no matter if all-flash, servers with up to 24 SAS drives and SSDs, or high-capacity 3,5″ SATA and Nearline SAS HDDs.

In the certification tests with the STORAGEline 52203s, 24 Enterprise SSDs (SM863 SATA 480GB) by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. were used. They are especially suitable for write-intensive enterprise applications, and deliver high performance and IO/s consistence as well as reduced latency and quality of service.

Krzysztof Franek, CEO and president, Open-E on the new server certification: “With the bluechip STORAGEline 52203s and our proven software Open-E DSS V7, users benefit from a high-performing and cost-efficient NAS solution that is absolutely flexible. Due to our comprehensive testing, bluechip’s customers can be sure to decide for a secure solution that saves on budget.”

STORAGEline R52203s certification report
STORAGEline R52203s High Availability certification report