Markley Cloud Services Offers EMC Elastic Cloud Storage in USA

For customers deploying VMAX, Isilon and data protection solutions
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.06.16

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Markley Cloud Services, a division of mission-critical data center and cloud operator Markley Group, Inc., will offer EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) for object storage.

Markley Cloud Services will become one of the first service providers in the US to provide ECS as a cloud target for its customers deploying EMC hardware and software from locations in Massachusetts, TX, Virginia and California.

 Markley Cloud Services

Markley Cloud Services selected ECS for its modern, multi-purpose, shared storage capabilities, including its support for traditional and next-generation applications. Through ECS's built-in offerings, organizations will be able to simplify, accelerate and scale their storage, backup and recovery environments, including meeting the long-term retention requirements of storage and data protection workloads, which have shifted to include object storage in addition to tape. Through the platform, Markley Cloud Services' customers will have access to storage efficiency, data management, integration flexibility and data encryption.

As one of the first service providers to deploy ECS to power its cloud, Markley Cloud Services will enable its customers to archive data from select on-premise EMC storage arrays, EMC protection storage and EMC software solutions to the cloud. This simplifies storage management for inactive data and offsite protection and maximizes cost savings through decreased resource consumption, all without having to sacrifice on user experience or BC.

"Transferring data between physical infrastructure and cloud storage solutions is notoriously expensive, and a cost many organizations don't fully realize until they're receiving the bill," said Patrick W. Gilmore, CTO, Markley Group. "Through Markley cloud Services' offering of the ECS platform - and our positioning as one of the first to offer customers these solutions on-demand - we can continue to stay true to our commitment of providing the industry's best storage solutions at the best prices."

Markley Group's customers may push and pull unlimited amounts of data at 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s speeds with MCS Connect without incurring transfer charges. MCS Connect enables direct fiber connectivity for customers to the Markley Cloud Services platform.

"We are excited to work with a trusted mission-critical data center like Markley Group and look forward to providing Markley Cloud Services' customers with a cloud target for many of EMC's on-premise storage and protection offerings," said Manuvir Das, SVP, advanced software, emerging technology division, EMC. "At EMC, we have always aimed to deliver services that enable customers to archive data from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud without affecting BC plans, while providing the highest level of storage efficiency and encryption. We are delighted to support Markley cloud Services in becoming one of the first service providers to deliver these EMC services to customers."

ECS is available as a cloud target for all Markley Cloud Services customers running supported EMC hardware and software solutions.