Stealthy Israeli Start-Up StorONE

CEO Gal Naor co-founded Storwize in 2004.
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2016.05.24

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There is only one sentence on the company's web site: "Thin Results, our new storage is coming soon."


Born in 2013, StorONE Ltd., in software for unified distributed storage platform, is based in Ra'anana, Israel.

Apparently, the start-up received $20 million series A in financial funding on March 21, 2012 from two investors, Jerusalem Global Ventures and Vaizra Investments, and Seagate owns 5% of the new Israeli firm, where Seagate's director of the board since 2009, Edward Zander, former chairman and CEO of Motorola and president of Sun, owns around 1%. John W. Thompson, chairman of the board at Microsoft and former chairman and CEO of Symantec, is also an investor.

On October 24, 2012, an U.S. federal trademark registration was filed by StorONE for Algostor, a software for use in connection with storage.

Main executives:

naorCEO and founder Gal Naor, who founded Storwize in 2004 along with Jonathan Amit, the company in primary de-dupe being acquired by IBM in 2010 for $140 million.




CTO Raz Gordon

We found that five patents were assigned to StorONE.

Among them:

The company is currently recruiting several engineers.