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StrongBox Data Solutions Teams Up With Arcitecta From Australia

To provide Virtual Storage Architecture for big storage management

StrongBox Data Solutions, Inc. (SDS) and Australia-based Arcitecta Pty Ltd have joined forces to deliver data management solutions.

This alliance grants exclusive worldwide rights to SDS for the StrongBox Virtual Storage Architecture (VSA) solution, which SDS created by leveraging Arcitecta’s Mediaflux data management technology. VSA provides a secure, multi-user solution for ingesting, discovering and managing any type of data or metadata, across virtually any hardware or software environment.

VSA will be marketed by itself as well as in combination with StrongBox, SDS’s archiving solution. The product, StrongBox VSA, has already been deployed by SDS at some large corporations, and will be released worldwide enabling storage cost reductions and simpler data management. VSA delivers data-defined storage for simplicity, scale and savings in any unstructured data environment.

Data-defined storage means the ability to bring intelligence to unstructured data by leveraging the many types of metadata that exist within all digital content. VSA harvests rich metadata from any type of digital file or external database to simplify difficult data management challenges. Users can connect disparate storage environments, making all data searchable and easy to access, enabling data movement and tiering between any type of primary storage, archives, and providing gateway capability to the cloud.

SDS has begun deploying VSA to some  large corporation, and full market availability is announced for June 2016.

For the last 5 years, StrongBox has been a leader in archiving,” said David Cerf, president and CEO, SDS. “StrongBox VSA unleashes the power of metadata to take storage to a whole new level of simplicity, cost-savings and performance. Until now, users have been locked into data silos by applications and hardware, which limits how their data can be used.

For companies dealing with massive data, it’s critical to have a clear view of what data exists, where it should be stored (on-site or in the cloud), who should access it, and how to make it available to users. Any organization with large amounts of unstructured data can use VSA to derive value from their data while simplifying storage management and reducing costs.

StrongBox Data Solutions is ideally suited to leverage the power of Mediaflux to a much broader market with the introduction of StrongBox VSA,” said Jason Lohrey, Arcitecta’s founder and CTO. “We’re thrilled to be working with the SDS team to leverage the combined expertise of both companies to provide customers with much greater flexibility in managing their data.