Patrick Harr CEO, Panzura

After being VP and GM at HPE and VP at VMWare
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Panzura,harrPanzura, Inc. announced the appointment of Patrick Harr as the company's CEO, effective immediately.




With more than two decades of industry experience, he joins the company after holding positions as VP and GM at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, VP at VMWare as well as a go-to-market leader and CEO of multiple start-ups.

Drawing from his background in cloud, storage, and networking across VC-backed, private and public companies, Harr will build on Panzura's milestone year in 2015 and lead the company in its next stage of growth.

"The massive levels of data growth seen in information technology is not really news; however, a number of organizations still believe legacy storage technology can scale to meet their storage needs in the long term. When, in reality, the requirement to adopt a different solution to handle massive capacity storage is a when, rather than an if," said Scott Sinclair, storage analyst, ESG. "As enterprises continue to take advantage of cloud scale and economics, the importance of a modern architecture that Panzura offers to bridge the cloud becomes much more essential."

Bringing the tenacity of a start-up leader coupled with his ability to scale a cloud business, Harr will build on Panzura's foundation to rapidly accelerate its growth through partners and cloud providers. Together with Panzura's capabilities, he will help organizations transform from storage status quo into a simple, state of the art cloud storage architecture.

"We are ecstatic to have Patrick take Panzura to the next level," said Paul Madera, MD at Meritech Capital Partners and Panzura board member. "Patrick rapidly scaled HPE's Americas cloud business, growing sales 19X over five years, generating over $1.7 billion in revenue. Patrick's proven success as a GM, go-to-market leader and start-up CEO is key to scaling Panzura's business to new heights."

"I'm very excited to join Panzura as CEO and lead the company in its next phase of growth," Harr said. "The company has a great team, solid investors and strong partners. Together, we will work with customers to rethink their storage strategies to take advantage of the massive market shift to cloud."

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