Chenbro: 4U High-Density Storage Server Chassis

48 or 60 bays, 12Gb SAS, thermal and vibration control, and tool-less hot-swap access
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.04.29

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Chenbro Mimom Co., Ltd. announces 4U high-density storage server chassis.

Chenbro's RM43348, RM43260, and RM43160

CHENBRO_RACK_ST_1604Enterprises are losing an average of $2,500 to $5,600 per minute when their data centers and networks go down, according to recent research reports, from Gartner, Inc. and Veeam Software, Inc. - and the high cost of hardware failures is rising, as the world's insatiable demand for data forces companies to pack more storage, computing power and network bandwidth into their full server racks.

The first step in minimizing expensive downtime is choosing a server chassis from an experienced manufacturer. Well-designed rackmount servers are much less likely to suffer component failure, of course. But more importantly - with every minute of downtime potentially costing thousands - a well-designed server is much easier to keep online during an incident. Chenbro, a rackmount server designer and manufacturer with more than 33 years of server and PC chassis experience, has learned to avoid the pitfalls that less-experienced and less-conscientious vendors fall into.

RM43260 left and rear

Performance, flexibility, and reliability
Company's RM43260, RM43348, and RM43160 rackmount chassis provide features that ensure performance in server storage applications, with multiple redundancy for ultimate data protection. SAS3 at 12Gb/s offers ample capacity for today's fastest drives - as well as tomorrow's.

SAS Expanders utilize the controllers' throughput and reduce external cabling. DataBolt gets the most from 12Gb SAS, allowing it to run at maximum speed, even with slower drives. T-10 zoning offers greater efficiency, flexibility and security. Full LED status indicators and enclosure management allow to monitor the system and respond to potential problems before a crisis can develop.

RM43348 left and rear

These firm's systems offer a variety of options to suit different needs, including a choice of space-saving ATX or more expandable EATX motherboards, either 48 drive bays (RM43348) or 60 drive bays (RM43260 and RM43160), optional external drive bays, and chassis depths from 818mm to 916mm to suit most cabinet sizes. Other options include internal or backplane-mounted expander controllers to suit various maintenance access scenarios.

The RM43260 is certified by Microsoft Corp. for Windows Server 2012 x64 and 2012 R2 x64.

RM43160 left and rear

Balanced design
Today's managers are demanding high-density servers, aiming to provide the highest capacity in a limited space. At the same time there is constant pressure to cut costs. This inevitably brings special challenges for rackmount systems - thermal control, power consumption, vibration, ease-of-access, and structural integrity. It's here that an experienced manufacturer counts. A key fact to remember is that upgrading to a higher-performance server is pointless if downtime cancels out all the gains it achieves.

So firm's chassis design focuses on reliability just as much as performance, with a host of features designed to minimize component failures and ensure rapid and recovery when incidents do occur. These features include modular design, tool-less installation, smart thermal design and vibration control.


Fast, tool-less access
Tool-less HDD trays, top covers, and motherboard trays allow engineers to install hot-swappable drives and other components ins, providing rapid system setup and zero-downtime incident recovery.

Fans and power: smart, redundant, hot-swappable
The redundant, hot-swappable, fan modules enable high performance cooling with a vibration isolation mechanism to protect drives and reduce noise. Even mild fan vibration can severely impact HDD performance, cutting transfer rates in half, and shortening drive lifespan. The fan controllers' hysteresis algorithm ensures smooth speed transitions and even temperatures. Built-in dual redundant power supply units with auto power-on ensure minimal interruption in the event of a server power supply failure.

Free from sag and bow issues
The company does not skimp on materials, and designs with intelligence, so you can be sure your firm's chassis will not suffer sagging or bowing. This ensures hot-swappable components can be exchanged smoothly and rapidly during a crisis - complemented by the standard tool-less features, removable side handles, and optional cable management on slide rails. Competing products are prone to jamming and mechanical failure, due to unwanted twisting or flexing of the chassis.