Avnet Distributing Permabit

in the Americas
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.03.07

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Permabit Technology Corporation has entered into an agreement with Avnet, Inc. to distribute its SANblox data efficiency appliance.

SANblox is a data reduction appliance for FC-attached storage that pairs Permabit's industry deduplication with its HIO/s compression technology. It enables storage products across a range of applications to provide a typical 6:1 data reduction benefit to lower the cost per gigabyte.

"We constantly look for industry-leading innovation that we can integrate with IBM technology for customer solutions," said Mark Martin, VP, Avnet's IBM solutions business in the Americas. "Permabit's SANblox accelerates time to value with its quick installation, enabling our partners to tighten the sales cycle and gain competitive advantage with a proven, field-tested data reduction solution."

SANblox delivers 85% reduction in cost, 6X more capacity with less than half-millisecond latency, giving customers financial relief for data growth. By integrating Permabit's SANblox data reduction with storage solutions, Avnet enables their customers to store their most important data cost effectively.

Less data needing to be stored means that there is increased effective storage capacity available to address customers' data growth and storage expansion requirements, improved storage reliability through reduced wear on storage media, and optimized network utilization due to less data being transmitted across the network.

"Data reduction has become a requisite component of today's storage solutions attracting market-leading distributors and system integrators, such as Avnet, to join forces with Permabit," said Tom Cook, Permabit CEO. "We are pleased to be working with Avnet to make SANblox available to their partners' storage customers who want to increase their effective capacity and lower their effective cost."