Veristorm: vStorm Enterprise 3.0 Software

Single, unified solution for data integration
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.02.22

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Veristorm, Inc. announced vStorm Enterprise 3.0 with features to move enterprise data into cloud-based analytics platforms and storage systems.

VERISTORM_SCHEME1Mainframe operators can deploy transaction data into the cloud platform of their choice. Broad support for cloud vendors and solutions makes vStorm Enterprise a single, unified solution for data integration.

Particularly in banking, finance and insurance, over 60% of enterprise applications touch the mainframe, and operational data can be a rich data source for predictive analytics solutions like risk assessment and cross-selling to customers. But not all data is created equal.

In a recent deployment, a financial institution wanted to store anonymous log data into an inexpensive public cloud solution, sensitive customer data (originally in VSAM) into a private cloud, and product sales information into an analytics database in their hybrid cloud. Traditional integration solutions were inadequate because they lacked support for specific mainframe technologies or were limited to a specific cloud solution or vendor.

With vStorm Enterprise, clients will be able to leverage the same mainframe extract and data conversion technology they've prevously relied upon for Hadoop, with abilities to deliver data to their chosen cloud platforms.

vStorm Enterprise 3.0 supports cloud solutions including:

  • Database as a service from the enterprise database provider and the leading mainframe vendor

  • Analytics and cloud orchestration from the mainframe vendor

  • Infrastructure-as-a-service from a leading online retailer and cloud provider

With the addition of support for cloud as a target for data integration, the company provides a solution for integration from mainframe and distributed sources into Hadoop, NoSQL, SIEM, ETL applications, big data appliances, data archiving platforms, and leading predictive analytics solutions.

"Bridging enterprise data into big data and other platforms is still a very dynamic market and we're pleased to be able to help our customers by maximizing their flexibility to pick the right platform for the job," said Sanjay Mazumder, CEO and a founder, Veristorm.