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100% Growth in 2015 for Storage Made Easy

Seven straight quarters of 100% Y/Y growth

Storage Made Easy, a trading name of Vehera Ltd, has once again achieved 100% year-on-year growth for it’s Q3, ending December 31st 2015.

This represents seven straight quarters of 100% year-on-year growth for the company, partly fuelled by a ramp of sales to companies who utilized the SME solution with object storage, particularly companies embracing OpenStack Swift.

The company was recently nominated as one of the top 20 most promising OpenStack Providers of 2015 by CIO Review and is an enterprise file share and sync vendor for OpenStack Swift partnering with companies such as SwiftStack, Mirantis, Redhat, IBM and HP.

Storage Made Easy CEO Jim Liddle said: “2015 has proved to be another groundbreaking year for us and we have continued to achieve good sales growth across the board, but particularly in the US which has been responsible for over 70% of global sales in our current fiscal year.

“Companies embracing object storage have a real requirement to have something resembling the access that they had from their existing file storage. This includes Active Directory/LDAP integration for single-sign-on, feature rich file managers, CIFS drives, desktop sync, WebDav or FTP access, but their needs also encompass strong governance and controls for today’s compliance driven enterprise. The Storage Made Easy solution provides this, not only for OpenStack Swift Object Storage, but also for SwiftStack, Ceph, Cloudian, Scality, CleverSafe, Azure, Amazon, and other S3 compliant object storage systems, in addition to more traditional storage systems.

“We have also seen growth in the use of our solution on G-Cloud, the UK Government cloud where we have a real differentator in what our solution provides.

“We have continued to be successful because the Storage Made Easy solution is robust and is in real production use for a variety of complex enterprise use cases, not only in the UK and the US, but also across the globe with hundreds of customers, who in turn have hundreds of thousands of their users using the solution.

“Where we compete with open source and commercial solutions from other leading vendors we tend to win more often than not, not only because our solution is feature rich but also because our company understands the enterprise and is willing to engage with prospects to ensure that we fully satisfy the requirements they have.”

Storage Made Easy’s solution has been embraced by companies such as Veritext Corp., the largest legal deposition company in North America, in which SME is integrated into its Law Studio product. Other users include global companies such as Lushhttps://www.lush.com/, the cosmetics company who use Storage Made Easy with OpenStack in over 50 countries.

SME recently closed business with one of the world’s largest telco’s for an internal 100,000 user rollout of its solution for use with OpenStack Swift Object storage, in which it is being used to replace an existing filer based technology solution for the incumbent user base. The Storage Made Easy solution was chosen, after testing, over several notable alternative commercial and open source solutions.

Storage Made Easy has its HQs in the UK and is a wholly-owned UK company ensuring its products can be used by U.S. and European companies that require cross border data privacy.