Xitore Out of Stealth Mode

Launching 4TB SSD with 25.6GB/s, 4 million IO/s, 2μs latency in DRAM DIMM form factor
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.02.03

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Xitore, Inc., provider of high bandwidth, low latency storage, announced their disruptive technology of 4TB NVM-X product lines.

NVM-X will disrupt the industry in multiple factors such as highest single storage unit performance, highest IO/s, and lowest latency in a smallest volumetric form factor.

"Our single solid state flash storage unit, a single DIMM will provide up to 4TB density, with an interface operational speed of 25.6GB/s, a 4 million IO/s, and 2μs latency in a single standard DIMM form factor. Our product performance, latency, IO/s, endurance, and volumetric form factor is second to none," said Mike Amidi, CEO, Xitore.

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