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DDN HPC Storage Leader in 2015 According to Intersect360 Research

In front of IBM, NetApp, HP and EMC

DataDirect Networks, Inc. (DDN) fortified its position as the HPC storage market leader during 2015.

The company posted the largest share of installed systems at HPC sites and expanded its lead versus other storage vendors at surveyed HPC sites according to the recently published Intersect360 Research HPC User Site Census (35 pages, €4,664).

Leading storage suppliers at HPC site
based on number of installed systems

ddn hpc
(Source: Intersect360 Research, 2015)

With massively scalable storage technology that is able to outpace the performance requirements and growth of enterprise big data while enabling HPC users to achieve exascale, DDN is leading the market with products that solve the end-to-end data lifecycle from cache and SSD to high performance file storage and archive. DDN allows customers to achieve staggering 3x to 10x performance increases when they migrate to DDN storage solutions.

Continual focus on the demanding needs placed on storage by HPC organizations has catapulted DDN past server vendors to secure its top rank as storage provider in HPC for the second consecutive year as shown in the table below.

Storage is the fastest growing segment in IT spending in HPC, and according to a recent DDN survey storage is the most strategic part of the HPC data center as end users seek to solve data access, workflow and analytics challenges to accelerate time to results. Throughout 2015, DDN growth accelerated in not just traditional HPC market share but also with expansion in new customers with more than 50% of new product revenues coming from enterprise HPC use cases as DDN’s top line revenue growth outpaced its storage community peers.

HPC sites and data-intensive enterprises place rigorous performance demands on storage infrastructure as diverse sets of applications drive ever-growing volumes of data coupled with very intensive analytics demands,” said Molly Rector, CMO, EVP product management and WW marketing, DDN. “DDN’s sustained growth and industry leadership reflect our strong commitment to supporting our customers as they work to solve many of the world’s most complex data and analytics challenges. We are seeing accelerating demand for DDN’s end-to-end data management solutions for cache acceleration, SSD storage, data management, backup and long-term archive by some of the largest HPC, Enterprise and cloud organizations across the globe. And with DDN’s innovation leadership, these organizations are boosting their ROI and simplifying their environments while greatly speeding up their analytics and workflows.”

The report is part of Intersect360 Research’s HPC User Site Census series and provides an examination of the suppliers of storage systems installed in a sample of HPC user sites. The research surveys a range of HPC users spanning industry, government and academia about their crrent computer system installations, storage systems, networks, middleware and supporting software. The resulting data is presented in a series of reports throughout the year, each describing different aspects of the HPC end-user landscape.

Key findings of the survey substantiate why DDN,
as the global leader in solving data challenges at large scale,
is experiencing strong growth:

  • DDN had the largest share with 13.9% of survey responses, with its closest competitor following at 11.8% and all other suppliers with less than 10% share of reported storage systems.
  • Storage capacity continues its onward and upward trend. Aggregate site-level storage capacity reported at 385 sites reached 1.9EB, about two and a half times the site-level storage capacity reported in 2012.
  • Installations of petabyte or larger storage systems are increasing and account for 31% of all storage systems reported.
  • About 4.7% of the reported storage systems were identified as cloud-based systems, including both public and private cloud.

HPC, enterprise and cloud providers such as CEA, TACC, University of Miami, BAS and Bezeq rely on DDN to deliver continued technology innovation that enables them to accelerate strategic insights and to speed time to results.