RDX QuikStation 4 From Sphere 3D With Removable HDDs From 2TB to Now 3TB

Appliance with AccuGuard software starts at $2,000.
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Sphere 3D Corp. announced that its Tandberg Data subsidiary is shipping a new version of its RDX QuikStation.


The subsidiary, which provides network attached removable disk array, is offering a four-bay version, upgrades to its AccuGuard software, and is equipping its RDX family of products with 3TB of capacity. The software upgrades and increase in data transfer speeds can lead to up to 30% shorter backup times and a 50% smaller footprint for the data center/end user compared to the previous version.

RDX QuikStation rear


RDX QuikStation is designed as a purpose built backup appliance to provide automated data protection, offsite DR and archiving for the high data growth environments. It is built on patented RDX removable disk technology which recently achieved a new milestone, shipping over one exabyte of storage capacity on more than 750,000 RDX systems, demonstrating its global reach.

RDX removable disk


"Expanding online backup capacity without proportionately increasing the backup window or growing a datacenter footprint remains one of the top challenges for most IT administrators today," said Nilesh Patel, VP, product management and marketing, Sphere 3D. "Other purpose built backup appliances cannot deliver the same levels of integration and versatility as RDX QuikStation with AccuGuard backup software with deduplication, which automates disk-to-disk backup, reduces the storage and data center footprint, and drastically reduces the backup window. With removable storage for off-site or off-the-rack retention capability, IT administrators can now have practicall,nlimited backup capacity without increasing DC infrastructure costs."

This four drive-bay version of RDX QuikStation offers iSCSI connectivity for integration into existing physical and virtual infrastructures, and a smaller one unit 19-inch rack mount form factor compared to the already existing eight-bay version which requires a two unit space. This RDX QuikStation overcomes single disk drive capacity limitations by spanning the data across all four drives. When a single RDX media volume is extended, it will coninue to maintain all of the RDX benefis of removability and protection of customer data. For maximum performance and resiliency, this RDX QuikStation provides two bonded GbE ports with load balancing and failover capabilities. Combined with high-capacity RDX removable media, the RDX QuikStation provides online storage with unlimited offline storage capacity. An onboard multi-language, web-based management console makes it easy for customers to remotely configure, control and securely manage the QuikStation from a standard web browser. Automatic software updates and maintenance are also performed through an Internet connection.


Capacity expansion with 3TB per disk drive cartridges and deduplication with AccuGuard
The 3TB capacity RDX disk storage cartridges increase online backup capacity by up to 50% for the company's new and existing RDX QuikStation and QuikStor appliance customers, as well as existing customers with previous generation RDX QuikStor, RDX QuikStation, and Imation RDX Storage systems.

The AccuGuard data protection software, available with the RDX QuikStation, offers reliable automated backup and recovery. Its powerful data deduplication reduces effective data capacity by up to 20 times. AccuGuard optimizes the data at the source, resulting in drastically improved backup windows and network bandwidth. AccuGuard now offers support for SQL 2014 as well as the Windows 10 OS.

Available from company's authorized reseller partners, the QuikStation 4 list price starts at $1,999 MSRP.